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Friends of the Earth Melb news July 2022

Welcome to Friends of the Earth Melbourne July news our state-wide monthly update.  Join our winter series of films, forums, nuke free banner painting, politics in the pub and paddock, community action training, unite at a rally for climate, renewables, forests, buses and more!

FoE Melb activists banner pic

Join us for 'The Power of Community: how Cuba survived peak oil’  film screening and discussion at Friends of the Earth Melbourne Food Co-op Wednesday 13 July at 6.30pmDetails and RSVP here.

Snap Rally To Stop Logging in Wombat Forest this Friday 15 July details here.

Get your raffle tickets here and support Friends of Alberton West Forest to survey, provide equipment and training for citizen scientists, hire ornithologists and botanists, and save unique wildlife and habitat. Go in the draw before 19 July to win a Gippsland getaway here

Come along to ‘Where the water starts’ film premiere & Q&A at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival on Saturday 23 July at 5pm at the Cinema Nova, details, group discounts & tix here.  Richard Swain, Indigenous Ambassador with the Invasive Species Council will be there for a 20 minute Q&A following the film with the filmmakers.

Friends of the Earth’s federal climate & environment policy platform 2022

The federal ALP has a resounding mandate to meet and then exceed its commitments on climate, energy and environment. There has never been a more supportive federal parliament, with strong representation from the Greens and climate independents, who will back more ambitious action. We believe that continued rapid implementation of the existing platform will create many opportunities for deeper emissions cuts and deeper reform of environmental laws.  Here are our suggestions for the new federal government.

United climate rally

United Climate Rally 30 July

It’s time for the climate movement to get together and demand serious action on climate change.  Join a coalition of climate groups on the streets for a united climate rally on July 30, Melbourne.  Read more.

Nuke free Mulga rock info & banner painting session

FoE Melb Mulga rock info & banner painting session

On Thursday July 21, the Nuclear Free Collective is organising a Mulga Rock Info & Banneregisterr Painting evening, as part of the FOE Winter sessions.  Read more & register.

Nuke free news

In our June Nuclear Free News update you can read about the great news that Australia has agreed to join the First State Parties Meeting in Vienna, a significant step towards signing the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), the responses to the Nationals and Coalition's push for nuclear power after 9 years of inaction on the issue, and the costs of nuclear submarines for Australia.  Read more.

Get sh*t done community action training

FoE Melb Community action training event

Want to turn your ideas into actions?  Join us for a day of creative, community action training!  Read more & register.

Sustainable Cities collective meeting via zoom

Join us via zoom next week on Tuesday 12 July at 6.30pm and discuss next moves for the campaign and how we can work together and achieve real, sustainable change.  RSVP here and we will send you the link via email. 

Sustainable Cities new community organiser

Elyse and the Sustainable Cities collective will be working with communities, supporting local campaigns to ensure that hardworking communities in the West have access to fast, reliable, well-connected buses, serviced by a fleet of clean, and electric vehicles.  Keep an eye out over the coming months for collective meetings, community forums and action days as we accelerate and re-energise this powerful collective.  If you'd like to get involved contact Elyse on [email protected] and read more.

Better buses petition

A better bus network for Melb

Are you sick of poorbusconnections, long waits and poorly plannedbusroutes? Frustrated at a lack ofbusservices in your local area?  Read more & sign the petition.

Take action: Community power hubs petition

Solar farm & supporters

While big energy companies continue to fuel the climate crisis, local communities are playing a critical role leading the transition to renewable energy.  Read more and email the Minister to champion community power hubs here.

Act on climate politics in the pub event

Act on climate politics in the pub event

Politics in the Pub: Everyone's favourite topic in everyone's favourite location!  Please join us on Thursday July 21 from 6-8pm for a casual, yet informative event about the environment and the upcoming state election.  Read more & register.

Act on climate politics in the paddock

Act on climate politics in the paddock event

Join us down on the Merri Creek at the beautiful Joe's Market Garden to gather round the fire, kick back to the sweet tunes of some local musicians with a coffee and pastry, and hear about our upcoming campaign plans including how you can get involved!  Read more & register.

Next Forests Collective meeting 4 August

To register for email updates and the next invite to the meeting read more & sign up here.

Forest defenders anti-protest laws update & action

Forest defenders rally

On the 21st of June, forest defenders gathered on the steps of parliament to oppose the anti-protest laws being introduced that will see anyone protesting or found within a Timber Harvesting Safety Zone (THSZ) fined $21,000 or face 12 months imprisonment.  Concerned citizens gathered to make their voices heard, as parliamentarians gathered inside to discuss the bill. The bill will also give police increased powers to search and seize items within a THSZ where there is suspicion under the act.  Read more.

Koala citizen scientist friends

Koala citizen scientist friends in the forest

Who would have thought you could find fifteen people prepared to rise early on a wintery Sunday morning, travel far from home and scratch around the wet undergrowth of a little-known forest in South Gippsland to search for koala poo? Members of the SKAT collective were pleasantly surprised with everyone's commitment to learn how to survey one of the last intact forests for the Strzelecki koala.  Read more & get involved.

Gippsland offshore wind zone

MEDIA RELEASE: Gippsland offshore wind zone a vote of confidence in region’s renewable energy future

After years of delays and inaction the Federal Energy Minister Chris Bowen is set to accelerate offshore wind for Gippsland, which has been designated the first region in the country to develop offshore wind.  Environment organisation Friends of the Earth has welcomed the news, and says kickstarting an offshore wind sector in Gippsland will be a game changer for the state’s efforts on climate change while creating thousands of new job opportunities.  Read more.

Coal inquiry final report from transition to transformation

Coal vs wind power

The Latrobe Valley and Gippsland can lead Victoria in renewable energy as the state transitions away from coal-fired power, a report tabled in the state's Legislative Council has found.  Our Gippsland campaigner Wendy Farmer takes a deep dive into the inquiry, how it came about and what it means for the Latrobe Valley.  Read more.

Act on climate update

June was a blast, July is the month to get involved!  Here is the Act on Climate crew's update on what we've been up to in June, what's coming up, and two ways you can get involved in July.  Read more.

Australia's energy crisis update & action

Fossil fuel ship at sea

Australians, especially those on the east coast, have been plunged into an energy crisis with electricity and gas prices skyrocketing in recent weeks. As everyone grapples with the rising cost of living, what does the power price crisis mean for climate justice?  Read more & get into action.

Vic gas substitution roadmap media release

The Victorian Gas Substitution Roadmap falls short of the deep cuts needed to avoid bill shock and climate catastrophe. The Roadmap, while acknowledging the pressure to move the heaviest gas using state in Australia into a decarbonised energy economy, falls disastrously short of tackling the issue of gas with the critical urgency required to avoid climate catastrophe and safeguard the Victorian public from escalating energy bills.  Read more.

Vic Liberals energy policy

Matt Guy spruiks Vic Liberals energy policy.  Changes welcome but history can't go unchallenged.  Read more.


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