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Become a volunteer

Organising with us is a fun and rewarding way to get involved in organising for environmental and social justice.

We do things differently at Friends of the Earth: we don't have bosses! This means that when you come and volunteer with us, you won't be told what to do, but be invited to shape out tasks and projects as part of a small group of people just like you.

Friends of the Earth actively works to reduce all forms of oppression in our activist spaces, whether that be racism, ageism, sexism, classism, transphobia, homophobia... or any other. We want to work with you to create the safest possible space to do your activism with us. With this in mind, we acknowledge that we are not perfect, still learning and, we have accessibility issues with our building. Please feel free to get in touch so we can talk through any barriers that might exist.

We value all forms of labour and work, so no matter what you want to do: research policy, write poetry, paint banners, fundraise, strategise, plan actions, cook food... we welcome you to come in and find out about how you can be part of the Friends of the Earth community.

Click here to find some volunteer role ideas at Friends of the Earth


If you are interested in our internship program, click here for more information.

Who's volunteering
Natalya Zupan
Sinan Taniyan
Jo OConnor
Siena Deasey
Amelia Tsialos
Axel Jenkin
Sean Michael
Jack Cebulski
Jack Cebulski
Dylan Zhou
Harry Boontjes
Jérémy Adeba
Jérémy Adeba
Hifzhan Hisham
Winudi Wimalasekere
Maddy McBrearty
George Schafter
Daniela Spilkin
Hayden Sturges
Lucy Skelton
Mambu Alpha Sannoh
Laura Button
Tim Beacham
Peter Carl John Patrick Sheehan
Leonora Roccisano
Isabelle Murdoch
Louise Bawtree
Tom Griffin
Terry Volz
Sage Childs

Will you volunteer?