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Victoria’s globally important forest ecosystems are collapsing because of logging and climate-fuelled bushfires… 

But a rapid, just transition into ecologically sound alternatives can support thriving regional communities.

Victoria’s ash forests store more carbon than any other studied forest in the world. They are a lifeline in the midst of climate disaster and global upheaval due to extreme weather events.

If we support those promoting solutions in affected regions and amplify their voices, we will be able to map a rapid transition pathway into ecologically sound stewardship of forests and bushland that will become more politically and economically sensible for the government than continuing to subsidise the struggling, unsustainable native forest industry.

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As the northern hemisphere burns, what are the lessons for Australia?

August 12, 2022

The northern hemisphere summer has been terrible. Heat waves have killed many thousands, from Iran and India to Portugal and France. Flash flooding has closed the Grand Canyon, while ‘Lake’ Mead, a massive dam on the Colorado River, is almost empty. Across the northern...

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