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Keep up to date with our work to protect native forests

Victoria’s globally important forest ecosystems are collapsing because of logging and climate-fuelled bushfires… 

But a rapid, just transition into ecologically sound alternatives can support thriving regional communities.

Victoria’s ash forests store more carbon than any other studied forest in the world. They are a lifeline in the midst of climate disaster and global upheaval due to extreme weather events.

If we support those promoting solutions in affected regions and amplify their voices, we will be able to map a rapid transition pathway into ecologically sound stewardship of forests and bushland that will become more politically and economically sensible for the government than continuing to subsidise the struggling, unsustainable native forest industry.

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Climate change and the rise of the mega fire

December 01, 2021

New research by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, shows that climate change has driven a ‘significant increase’ in Australia’s forest fire activity over the last three decades. A lengthening of the fire season towards Autumn and Winter were also identified, along with an increase...

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Snow Gums and Citizen Science

November 05, 2021

Snow Gums face a massive threat from the spread of dieback which is caused by a native beetle – and super charged by climate change, and localised collapse of snow gum woodlands due to more frequent fires.   Please join our citizen science project...

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