Victorian Forests Campaign

Friends of the Earth's forest campaign brings together grassroots groups, forest activists and new people looking to get involved from across Victoria to coordinate campaigns and take action for the protection of Victoria's native forests and wildlife.

After decades of exploitation by the logging industry, our forest ecosystems are facing collapse and their wildlife experiencing rapid decline and in some cases facing extinction. But now, forest groups, activists and regional communities are coming together like never before to work for the protection of our remaining forests and wildlife, to ensure they have a brighter future.

The Friends of the Earth Forest Collective meets 6pm Thursdays fortnightly at the Friends of the Earth campaign centre, 312 Smith St, Collingwood. 


The three main objectives of the forest campaign are:

1. The creation of the Great Forest National Park in Victoria's Central Highlands.

2. The protection of East Gippsland's high conservation value forests and threatened species habitat from logging in new reserves.

3. The strengthening of protections for threatened wildlife and ecosystems through regulatory reform of the logging industry.



Latest News

Friends of the Earth is calling on the Victorian opposition to support sustainable wood and fibre production by committing to only use recycled paper, not paper made from Victoria’s forests.  Yesterday, leader of the Victorian opposition Matthew Guy and Nationals leader Peter Walsh announced that Coalition government offices would only use Australian-made paper sourced from logging operations in Victoria’s native forests. Clearfell logging in Toolangi state forest - Chris Taylor  Read more

On the south face of the magnificent Mt.Baw Baw east of Melbourne citizen scientists have found an Endangered Spot Tailed Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) or Tiger Cat!The Spot Tailed Quoll is listed as Endangered in Victoria due to massive declines in its distribution and abundance since European settlement. Just a stones throw from where the Quoll was photographed high quality habitat for the Spot tailed Quoll is being logged. Please email Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio calling on her to conduct thorough surveys for Quolls in the surrounding areas that are threatened by logging and protect the Quoll habitat within coupe 483-504-... Read more

Friends of the Earth is calling on the Andrews government to place a moratorium on logging in sensitive areas under new forestry arrangements that are expected to be announced this week and publicly reject logging industry calls to log Victoria’s National Parks. Old growth forest scheduled for logging in East Gippsland Read more

Friends of the Earth has welcomed New South Wales Labor’s announcement that they will not sign off on Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) unless a full assessment of the science underpinning the decades-old Agreements is completed. NSW Labor has demanded that climate change be considered as part of a full scientific and environmental impact assessment of the RFAs[1]. Friends of the Earth is calling on the Victorian Labor government to assess impacts on biodiversity and climate change of logging under the existing RFAs. Read more