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Australia is the third biggest uranium miner in the world.

By joining forces with Traditional Custodians, we can stop the toxic nuclear chain at the source. 

 Australia does not want or need a nuclear industry. Uranium mining, nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons and radioactive waste threaten the health of people and the environment now and far into the future. It is unsafe, uneconomic and unnecessary.

Better active today than radioactive tomorrow! Your donation will support the fight against destructive mining projects, poisonous waste dumps and misleading pro-nuclear propaganda.


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Latest anti-nuclear news

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Briefing on the proposed nuclear waste dump in South Australia

September 07, 2021

Read the latest briefing on the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (MRWMF) in South Australia, why the current location at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is much safer, the myths about nuclear medicine and how to stop the current waste...

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MEDIA RELEASE: Kimba nuclear dump: Premier Marshall must enforce SA legislation

June 21, 2021

Media Release ‒ 21 June 2021 ‒ Friends of the Earth Australia Kimba nuclear dump: Premier Marshall must enforce SA legislation By accepting amendments to the National Radioactive Waste Management Amendment Bill, the federal government has today abandoned its year-long attempt to shield its...

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Be part of the movement for a nuclear free future!

June 18, 2021

  The ACE Nuclear-Free Collective at Friends of the Earth continues to fight the nuclear industry at every point in the cycle. Over the past year, we have: - Campaigned against the federal government's plan to impose a national nuclear waste dump at Kimba...

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