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Australia is the third biggest uranium miner in the world.

By joining forces with Traditional Custodians, we can stop the toxic nuclear chain at the source. 

 Australia does not want or need a nuclear industry. Uranium mining, nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons and radioactive waste threaten the health of people and the environment now and far into the future. It is unsafe, uneconomic and unnecessary.

Better active today than radioactive tomorrow! Your donation will support the fight against destructive mining projects, poisonous waste dumps and misleading pro-nuclear propaganda.


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Latest anti-nuclear news

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Wins of the Nuclear Free Movement #4

May 06, 2022

South Australia as the world's nuclear waste dump   In 2015, the South Australian government established a Royal Commission to investigate commercial opportunities across the nuclear fuel cycle. Royal Commissioner Kevin Scarce was ignorant, gullible and biased. Scarce said he would run a 'balanced'...

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Wins of the Nuclear Free Movement #3

April 14, 2022

“It's my country and I'm going win.” The mass movement that stopped the Jabilukauranium mine   The Mirarr Traditional Owners led an extraordinary mass movement to stop the Jabiluka uranium mine − and won! Hundreds of thousands of Australians participated in protest marches. Around 5,000...

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