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Australia's iconic koala is in serious trouble...

But communities are taking action to safeguard Victorian koala populations through research, surveys and mapping.

Dear Friends and Family of Lachlan Abbott

To help turn deep grief into positive action (including in lieu of gifts and flowers), the family has requested donations to Friends of the Earths Strzelecki Koala Action Team.

The family is hoping to raise between $50,000 and $100,000 dollars in support of this work.

Select your preferred donation amount or enter an amount of your choice.

If you would like to contribute a donation in Lachlan Abbott's memory please do so here.

His legacy will support Friends of the Earth to continue vital work to campaign for greater protections for Koalas in Victoria.

Contribute to Lachlan Abbott's legacy

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Hancock Victorian Plantations pushing more Threatened Species in the Strzelecki Ranges to the Brink

July 07, 2024

Hancock Victorian Plantations controversial plans to log many hardwood areas and replant with pines in the Strzelecki ranges puts Slender Tree-ferns, Gang-gangs, Powerful Owls, Pilotbirds and the rare and endangered Strzelecki Burrowing Crayfish at increased risk of extinction. Strzelecki koalas although not yet listed...

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Strzelecki Koala map

Check it out to see the spread of Victorias endemic koala population!

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