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Australia’s ageing coal and gas plants are fuelling the climate crisis...

But a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy will cut polluting greenhouse gas emissions and create thousands of good jobs.

Yes 2 Renewables is Friends of the Earth's campaign for 100% renewable energy, climate jobs, and strong communities.

Your support will make sure we can connect with regional communities, skill people up, run creative actions online and on the ground as we campaign for 100% renewable energy.

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Latest renewable energy news

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Narracan Election Live Blog: Where do Candidates Stand on Climate, Energy & Health?

January 24, 2023

The Narracan supplementary-election is fast approaching, with voting to conclcuding on Saturday 28th January, 2023. It's an important opportunity for the Narracan electorate in Gippsland to get to know and understand where each candidate stands on climate change, energy and health.

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Small town, big vision: Heyfield’s MyTown Microgrid

January 12, 2023

By Wendy Farmer, Gippsland Community Organiser When it comes to renewable energy, the small community of Heyfield three hours east of Melbourne has big ambitions. A little known fact about Heyfield is the community of one thousand homes has led the way in household...

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Offshore wind zone officially declared

December 19, 2022

Media Release: 19/12/2022   Today Federal Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen has declared the first offshore wind zones in Australia . The announcement is set to accelerate the development of the offshore wind industry in Australia, with Gippsland designated the first...

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