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Gippsland Says No to Nuclear

On Thursday 11th April, over 60 Gippsland community members rallied outside MP Darren Chester’s Traralgon Office to say NO to Nuclear. The protesters showed up with only a few days' notice. Despite the school holidays and many people being away, the community came together to express their concern and frustrations at the newly proposed nuclear plant.

The community action was organised after Opposition Leader Peter Dutton announced the LNP would proposed build a nuclear plant at the Hazelwood mine site in the Latrobe Valley - the very same location as the devastating 2014 Hazelwood mine fire that burned for 45 days.


"Does Peter Dutton even know the Latrobe Valley is geologically active? There's no way this community would ever support nuclear"


The community has had enough. The issue has garnered a great deal of support from locals, as many new faces showed up to the rally, and nuclear discussion buzzed on surrounding streets. “People are really annoyed at the proposal,” FoE Gippsland organiser and President of Voices of the Valley Wendy Farmer explained.

Farmer expressed that the community can’t understand why this proposal has been made when there is the opportunity to support renewables instead, saying “it’s just ridiculous, it’s an insult.” 

Farmer summarised the collective frustration, saying “we need to just stand up and get it done. Politicians need to stop blocking renewable energy and confusing people. We don’t want nuclear, we won’t have nuclear. Dutton proposes a nuclear energy plant but Gippsland says NO.”

Farmer has issued a challenge to Peter Dutton to come and speak to the community – it will be interesting to see if he meets the challenge.


TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition saying No to Nuclear in Victoria, Yes to Renewable Energy


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