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Yes2Renewables Campaign Update - March, 2022

March 2022 has been a huge month for big renewable energy announcements in Victoria and marks an important turning point for the transition.

Victoria's epic offshore wind target a game changer for climate, jobs

Just over two weeks ago Victoria's Andrews government announced it will build a massive 9 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2040 -- arguably the largest commitment to renewable energy in the state's history.

It is a game changer for the state's renewable energy transition and will help deliver the deep emissions cuts needed to prevent catastrophic climate impacts from getting worse. Not only that, it offers a real pathway for transitioning workers in coal, oil and gas into new jobs in renewables.

No wonder the announcement has already got fossil fuel lobbyists worried...

The announcement comes after years of campaigning for offshore wind by the union and climate movements and is a reminder of what we can achieve at the state level even when the federal government is trying to delay climate action. 

But our work is not over yet, this is just the beginning. Establishing an entire new offshore wind industry will be a huge task for the state. We'll be on deck to make sure offshore wind creates good jobs, and delivers good outcomes for the community and environment. For now, we're celebrating the good news.

Read the full story in The Age, featuring contributions from Yes2Renewables Coordinator Pat Simons.

WATCH: Victoria's Offshore Wind Leadership with Min. Lily D'Ambrosio

On Thursday March 10 just days after Victoria's game changing announcement on offshore wind, Vic Minister for Climate, Environment and Energy Lily D'Ambrosio joined Friends of the Earth and the Victorian Trades Hall Council for an online briefing to talk about what the plans means for jobs and state led action on climate change.

Thankyou to everyone who joined the call, you can watch the webinar in full here.

BLOG: Offshore wind and electrifying everything highlight at Vic 100% Renewables Inquiry, but fossil fuel lobby isn't happy

Last fortnight key energy experts, community and industry leaders fronted a Parliamentary Inquiry into how Victoria can reach 100% renewable energy, highlighting the opportunities to more rapidly transition Victoria’s energy supply to renewable energy over the next decade.

Taking Victoria all the way to 100% Renewables will create thousands of new jobs, deliver billions of dollars of regional investment across Western Victoria and Gippsland in particular, and create a pathway to transition workers in fossil fuel industries into new, ongoing careers. The possibility has drawn criticism from the fossil fuels industry, which clearly feels threatened.

Yes2Renewables was on deck following the full two days of the inquiry -- Read more about what went down at the Parliamentary Inquiry here.

Gippsland Update: Pieces of Latrobe Valley energy transition coming together

Gippsland's renewable energy transition is gathering pace, with coal closure dates being brought forward and big announcement for community owned renewable energy and offshore wind coming all at once.

Read Wendy Farmer's analysis of the big changes happening in Gippsland here.

Fed up Rokewood community gets organised for wind power

The Golden Plains wind farm proposed in Victoria will power 750,000 homes with clean energy and make a significant contribution to slashing Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions.

After facing years of delays, Rokewood landholders, neighbours and businesses have had a gutful, launching Rokewood for Wind Farms and a new campaign supporting this state-significan wind farm. In an open letter in The Ballarat Courier they say "The effects of climate change are real and our community wants to make a difference."

Follow the Rokewood community's campaign here on Facebook and support regional voices for wind power by signing their petition to get on with the Golden Plains wind farm.

Coal Face Podcast: After the Smoke — The Hazelwood Mine Fire with Wendy Farmer

Eight years ago the Hazelwood mine caught fire with devastating consequences to the people of the Latrobe Valley. Yes2Renewables Gippsland campaigner and President of Voices of the Valley Wendy Farmer joined local podcasters Josie and Steph to talk about how the Hazelwood mine fire changed the Latrobe Valley and the course of her life. 

Click here to listen.

Become a member, support the campaign

With some massive wins under our belt on offshore wind, Yes2Renewables is gearing up for another big year campaigning for wind and solar in regional Vic.

We've got exciting plans to kick off kitchen table conversations in Gippsland, run a series of creative events, and launch a new film project telling the story of the transition. We'll have more to say about all this soon...

None of that is possible without the support of the community.

Signing up as a regular member or making a donation to Yes2Renewables keeps our campaign on the road, connecting with regional communities and building power. We'd love to have your support:

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