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Keep up to date with our work to protect native forests

Victoria’s globally important forest ecosystems are collapsing because of industrial clear-fell logging and climate-fuelled bushfires… 

But a faster, fairer transition into ecologically sound alternatives can support thriving regional communities.

Victoria’s ash forests store more carbon than any other studied forest in the world. They are a lifeline in the midst of global upheaval due to climate-driven extreme weather events and unprecedented species extinctions. But they're being converted into short-lived products like packaging and pallets every day.

If we support those promoting local solutions in affected regions and amplify their voices, we will be able to map a rapid transition pathway toward ecologically sound stewardship of forests that will become more politically and economically sensible for the government than continuing to subsidise the current native forest industry.

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Forest protection rally February 7

February 10, 2023

Each year, on the first sitting day of the Victorian parliament, Friends of the Earth hosts a community gathering outside the building to remind the parliament that the community want to see meaningful action on climate, energy and environment. This year, the focus was...

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FoE's work in the Victorian high country

January 31, 2023

Over the past three years, Friends of the Earth (FoE) has been working on protecting significant areas of the Victorian high country that are at risk from logging. We have also been highlighting the need for the state government to act to the threats...

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