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Keep up to date with our work to protect native forests

Victoria is transitioning away from clear-fell logging, finally protecting critical carbon sinks and precious forest habitat.

Now is the time to ensure permanent protection from industrial exploitation, advocate for ecologically responsible forest stewardship, and return land to First Nations custodians.

The Victorian government has committed to transition out of native forest logging by January 1, 2024. Ending logging is climate action.

Now is a critical moment in history for First Nations justice and forest restoration. It’s time for all Victorians to participate in ecologically responsible land stewardship that allows threatened species and forest ecosystems to recover from logging and build resilience to climate change.

Now is a sensitive time for affected workers. Together, we can support communities to transition and create regenerative regional economies that leave no one behind. 

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Cultural Burning: a primer

November 29, 2023

As Australia experiences an early start to the 2023/24 fire season, much of the current media coverage understandably focuses on fighting fires. But there is a deeper, longer public conversation about how we manage the land. In this context, fuel reduction/ hazard reduction burning,...

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A walk to the Little Dargo River

November 08, 2023

In recent years, a large part of FoE Melbourne’s forest campaign work has been focused on gaining protection of high conservation forests in the Victorian high country. One of the three priority areas identified is the headwaters of the Little Dargo river. The Little...

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Please support our Forests Crowd Fund

October 30, 2023

Following on from the wonderful news that clearfell logging will end on January 1 2024 in the east of Victoria, now is a critical time for considering future forest management and supporting First Nations communities in their aspirations for self determination. And we need...

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