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Our vision for renewable energy

Yes 2 Renewables is Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s community campaign for 100% Renewable Energy, good jobs and climate justice: We are the fiercest advocates for wind and solar around.  

We campaign alongside workers, regional communities, wind farmers and businesses who love wind and solar because we know renewable energy is good for people and the planet.

With climate impacts growing in severity around us, it's clear we are in a climate crisis. By accelerating the shift to renewable energy, we can cut pollution and create thousands of good jobs.

100% Renewables by 2030: We have a vision for an energy system powered by 100% renewable energy. Using the power of the wind, sun, waves and geothermal energy, we know this is achievable within the next decade. 

Good Jobs: Building renewable energy is a big jobs creator -- we want to see good jobs and long-term career opportunities in the sector. That means employing people on union-wages, local content requirements to strengthen domestic manufacturing, and public investment in apprenticeships and training programs to create long-term opportunities for young people.

Empowered Communities: It’s essential that communities are at the centre of the transition to renewable energy. The best form of energy is renewables, and the best form of renewable energy is community or publicly owned. 

Fair and Just Transition: As ageing fossil fuel generators inevitably close, it’s essential that impacted workers and communities benefit from the shift to renewable energy.


Australia has a huge opportunity to undertake a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy to act on the climate crisis, cut polluting greenhouse gas emissions and create thousands of good jobs.