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Will candidates back the community-led transformation?


Its communities that are taking the lead in transforming Victoria. From Gippsland to suburban Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road, communities have come together to envision a future that doesn't just combat climate change, it secures jobs for workers, accessibility for everyone and centres the sovereignty of First Nations people. 

Communities are providing the leadership and vision: are the candidates at this state election going to back them?

Victoria’s latest greenhouse gas performance data has been released and it shows that between 2005 and 2020, our state’s emissions fell by 30%. It shows what is possible when government responds to community leadership with good policy.

In November, Victorians will go to the state election. The good news is that the transition to clean energy is already underway – but to adequately respond to the climate crisis we need to continue to increase our ambition and the speed of action.

Here's the transformation communities are asking for - will our state election candidates back them?

  • Western suburbs communities have a plan for rapidly improving public transport in some of the most underserviced and disadvantaged parts of Melbourne. Join communities at the Brimbank Better Buses forum on Wednesday November 2 to push candidates to back the plan so everyone in the west can access reliable, sustainable transport.

  • The Community Gas Retirement Roadmap is a community developed plan to transform our reliance from expensive, polluting gas to cleaner, cheaper energy. Join the No More Gas collective at the roadmap launch on Tuesday November 8.

  • Community Photo: Our Climate Policies Have Missing Pieces! Join the Act on Climate collective for a creative community photo on Brighton Beach on Saturday November 12 to point out that the major parties' climate policies still have missing pieces if they want to align with climate science demands. 
  • Murrindindi’s Forestry Transition – let’s make this work for us! On Sunday November 13 the Murrindindi community will come together to discuss how a fast, fair forestry transition could build community climate resilience and support the dignity, inclusion, and identity of all local people.

  • Join Yes2Renewables and the valley community as they premiere "From Transition to Transformation" - a documentary that speaks to local community leaders, workers and business people in Gippsland that are leading the way on renewable energy and climate action.


Check out the events page to get involved.

Send an email to your local candidates asking them to back the community-led transformation.

Find our full election platform here.


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