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We need communities at the centre of a just transition

Victoria’s latest greenhouse gas performance data has been released and it shows that between 2005 and 2020, our state’s emissions fell by 30%. This is because of good government policy, which has driven the roll out of renewable energy, storage and energy efficiency.

It also shows what is possible with government leadership and good policy.

In November, Victorians will go to the state election. The good news is that the transition to clean energy is already underway – but to adequately respond to the climate crisis we need to continue to increase our ambition and the speed and scale of action.

We already have the technology to power our communities, industry and businesses. There is community support for stronger action. We now need the leadership to make it happen.

We are calling on all parties and candidates to deliver policies which will drive a just and fair transition to clean energy and environmental sustainability that puts workers and communities at the centre of planning for the transition.

For our full election platform, please check here.