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Nuclear Free News March

In our March Nuclear Free News update you can read about the terrifying reality of a nation with nuclear power involved in a war, with nuclear facilities being deliberate targets. This emphasises the importance of ICAN's work for a Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and opposition to nuclear powered war arsenal such as proposed in the AUKUS deal.


Nuclear facilities targeted in Russia’s war on Ukraine - Dr Jim Green - Renew Economy

Nuclear facilities targeted in Russia’s war on Ukraine - Dr Jim Green- Pearls and Irritations

Nuclear threats in Ukraine - Dr Jim Green - Nuclear-Free Campaign

One thing nuclear power plants weren’t built to survive: War- Kate Brown and Susan Solomon in The Washington Post

Dr Jim Green, national nuclear free campaigner with Friends of the Earth Australia, and Tilman Ruff, Co-founder of ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons discuss the nuclear threats of the War in Ukraine and call for the global community to act now.

Australian First Nations take a stand for all nations- The Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) - statement

ICRC urgently appeals to states to ensure that nuclear weapons are never used- The International Red Cross - statement

The Time to Act is Now: Joint Statement Nobel laureates Dmitry Muratov and ICAN on Russian Nuclear Threats- International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) - statemen

Nuclear Power

Talking nuclear and 'the smoke and mirrors game of shadows'- Noel Wauchope - Independent Australia

Testing the "nuclear" facts in an interview between former CEO of Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANTSO), Dr Adrian (Adi) Paterson, and pro-nuclear enthusiast and Sky News host Chris Kenny.

ETU slams plan to turn Victoria’s Latrobe Valley into a nuclear region as dangerous and short-sighted - Electrical Trades Union


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