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Our vision for a nuclear free future

We research, educate and actively campaign on nuclear issues. We aim to protect people and the environment from damage by the nuclear industry and promote safe, clean and sustainable energy solutions. We amplify the voices of Indigenous communities directly impacted by the nuclear industry, and expose the reality of uranium mining, the legacy of nuclear weapons testing and the threat of proposed nuclear waste dumps. We believe that together we can realise a near future beyond nuclear in Australia!

FoE Nuclear Free logo

Stop all uranium mining in Australia and return lands to traditional owners.

Have a transparent, independent investigation to find a responsible solution to store nuclear waste. 

Pressure the Australian government to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, to play its part in creating a nuclear weapon free world.

Protect and strengthen government bans on nuclear power


For more than 20 year Friends of the Earth has organised the 'Radioactive Exposure Tour', a journey through Australia's nuclear landscape.