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Nuclear Free News July 2023

In this Nuclear Free News update of 2023 celebrates the historic win of Barngarla Traditional Owners vs Federal nuclear waste dump, with a call to action to encourage the Labor government to drop the flawed Kimba plan. Read about Japan's release or radioactive Fukushima waste water into the ocean, the ongoing risks with the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, the insane costs of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors and more....

Historic win for Barngarla Traditional Owners!!
Federal Court quashes nomination of proposed nuclear dump site in SA, ruling in favour of
Barngarla Traditional Owners!
Barngarla media release here celebrating the victory
Friends of the Earth's media release here
FoE background article: ‘Labor must hear Indigenous voice against Kimba nuclear site’,
inDaily, July 17.

We hope that the Labor government will accept the Federal Court’s decision … but there is a
possibility that the government will appeal the decision. Please take a few minutes to email
senior Labor politicians calling on them to respect the rights of Barngarla Traditional
Owners, to respect the Federal Court’s decision and to abandon the Morrison's government
plan to impose a  national nuclear waste dump on Barngarla country in SA. Contact details
and suggested text for your emails are posted at

The controversial plan to dump contaminated water from the stricken Fukushima
nuclear power plant into the ocean
IAEA hypocrisy, and the little Fukushima nuclear radiation mill. And the prize for
HYPOCRISY goes to Rafael Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy
Agency. No real research into the effects of releasing nuclear waste-water into rivers and
seas. Oh goody! That means it's OK, (doesn't it?). Better, safer, alternatives for managing
Fukushima's radioactively polluted wastewater. Cover up? Did atom bosses collude to
‘manage message’ of Japanese plan to poison Pacific? Will this whistleblower be heard
by anyone? Fukushima: Anxiety and anger over Japan's nuclear waste water plan. China calls
for suspension of Japanese plan to release radioactive water into sea.

Nuclear threats in Ukraine
An Attack on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Could Still be Catastrophic (nuclear promoters
minimise the risk).
Red alert at Zaporizhzhia?
Ukraine, Russia accuse each other of planning to attack Europe's biggest nuclear plant.
Russia and Ukraine step up rhetoric around Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.
Small modular reactors
Small nuclear reactors are unaffordable, and Rafael Grossi and the IAEA know this!
Minireactor cost surge threatens nuclear’s next big thing,
Holtec hogs the money, but Michigan ratepayers will foot the bill for reactor resuscitation.

Other Australian nuclear news
Vice Admiral Jonathon Mead to be Director-General of New Australian Submarine Agency.
Sinking billions: undergunned and overpriced.
Inside "nuke school";, the elite US training ground preparing Australian submariners for an
AUKUS future.
Peter Dutton ramps up nuclear power push and claims Labor down ‘renewable rabbit hole’.
Bowen: “Australia will be renewable energy superpower, not a nuclear backwater”. Nuclear:
Coalition remains trapped by climate and technology denial.
Queensland's Liberal National Party leader Crisafulli rejects Dutton’s push for nuclear power.
Wishful thinking about nuclear energy won’t get us to net zero. 

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