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Friends of the Earth Melb news June 2022

Welcome to Friends of the Earth Melbourne June news our state-wide monthly update.  In this edition please donate to our EOFY appeal for climate justice campaigning, join a Community Action Training day, koala survey fieldtrip, care for sea country, nuke free news, and more!

Scroll down to read our latest edition of Chain Reaction magazine, and download our autumn newsletter and poster focusing on climate jobs.  Dive into the Koontapool declaration, then sign the Citizens Protection Declaration to stand with First Nations communities caring for Sea Country here Help stop the anti-protest laws with Victorian Forest Alliance action here, and meet the communities fighting for forests.  There’s nuke free news and Barngarla action, an update on PFAS residues in biosolids, and Lock the Gate against gold mining campaigning.  See our media release on Vic renewables inquiry and getting off gas, and a climate action update.  Zoom into a new volunteer info session, join the Food Co-op, and listen back to 3CR Dirt Radio episodes.  Check out our partner Cooperative Power and make the switch! 

Big thanks for your mighty support and contributions!

Friends of the Earth Melb members

Can you support our end of financial year appeal with a donation this tax time?

In the lead up to the Victorian election this November, we will be calling for justice to be at the centre of climate solutions; ensuring that transitions away from coal, gas and native forest logging are managed to deliver positive outcomes for impacted communities, and ensure the renewable energy boom adheres to best practise for people and the planet. 

We will:

  • Champion a campaign for frequent, reliable, and a 100% electric bus fleet and work with local communities in Melbourne’s Western suburbs to reduce the social disadvantage that is entrenched by car dependence.
  • Coordinate the development of a community-led transition plan away from native forest logging in partnership with regional people in affected areas and support them to promote environmentally sound and socially just alternatives to logging in their communities.
  • Resist offshore gas extraction alongside First Nations and coastal communities in the West of the state and call for a detailed plan to get Victoria off gas, and rapidly transition to renewable energy.
  • Facilitate kitchen table conversations in the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland to understand the community's hopes and vision for what sensible offshore wind development looks like, while seeking to secure cross-party support for offshore wind in parliament.
  • Support a dedicated community of citizen scientists to continue to monitor the South Gippsland Koala population and fight for greater protection of this important animal and its habitat.

Right now, the state’s own climate strategy acknowledges a 15% emissions shortfall for their 2030 targets!  Make your donation here before 30 June to make sure we raise the pressure on climate targets, drive down emissions, and ensure liveable outcomes for community, environment, and climate.

We need climate justice at the heart of the transition

Friends of the Earth Melb climate justice supporters

Thanks to tireless community campaigning, Victoria is on the cusp of long overdue transition away from fossil fuels and extractive industries. There is a critical need for governments to support communities as we confront challenges of economic transition, recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and climate upheaval. The time has come for governments to take new approaches to maintain peoples’ dignity and wellbeing in a time of instability, keep Victorians above the poverty line, and remove political and practical barriers to transitioning.  Right now, the state’s own climate strategy acknowledges a 15% emissions shortfall for their 2030 targets. There is an urgent need to close this gap, drive down emissions, and ensure liveable outcomes for community, environment, and climate.  Read more & contribute.

Community Action Training day

Friends of the Earth Melb Community Action Training day

Join Friends of the Earth for a day of creative, community-action training and get skilled up to run effective grassroots campaigns.  Read more & register.


Download Friends of the Earth Melb autumn newsletter & poster

FoE Melb newsletter & poster autumn 2022


Read Chain Reaction magazine autumn 2022

FoE Chain Reaction magazine autumn 2022


Citizens declare protection declaration of whale songline country

FoE Melb Koontapool citizens protection declaration

At an event on World Environment Day, in honour of the return of the Koontapool - Southern Right Whales - to their birthing grounds along the coastlines, and in response to the threats Koontapool continue to face from gas exploration and extraction, Southern Ocean Protection Embassy Collective have launched a Citizens’ Protection Declaration, and invite all citizens to unite in protection of the Koontapool Songline and Gunditjmara Sea Country.  Read more & sign onto the declaration.

Barngarla call to stop nuke waste dump

FoE Melb Barngarla call to scrap nuclear waste dump

The Traditional Custodians of the land announced to house the nuclear waste dump, the Barngarla People, call on the new Government to revoke the radioactive waste declaration.  Read more & support legal challenge.

Meet the communities fighting for forests at Friends of the Earth

FoE Melb communities fighting for forests

Coming out of the climate election we all needed, one thing we know to be clear is this: community organising holds us together, strengthens our resilience, and gets the wins.  With many of our most iconic landscapes, like the Alpine Ash forests and Snow Gum woodlands of north eastern Victoria, facing an existential threat from climate change-driven fire regimes that are seeing more frequent and more intense blazes tearing through our park, we have precious little time left to make sure they are protected.  Read more & donate.

Scouting for Strzelecki Koala scats fieldtrip

FoE Melb SKAT koala survey fieldtrip

Will you join us as we convoy a couple of hours south-east of Narrm/Melbourne to learn how to survey for scats in one of the last remaining intact forests to the Strzelecki koala?  During our 2021-2022 surveys we have discovered at least three new koala colonies in Mullungdung State Forest, which previously, had never been surveyed for koalas. Few people realise that the Strzelecki koala is of national conservation significance due to its genetic diversity.  Read more & register.

Koalas burnt

FoE Melb koala burnt in national park

Friends of the Earth (FoE) have been alarmed by reports that at least 2 koalas have been incinerated in a "planned" State Government burn inside Mount Richmond National Park in south western Victoria. 2 other koalas nearby also suffered serious burns. Friends of the Earth spokesperson Anthony Amis, said that FoE were tipped off about the incident by a local bushwalker.  Read more.

Lock the gate signs are back!

FoE Melb Lock the gate to gold mining sign

Across central and north eastern Victoria, locals communities are getting organised to opposed a massive new wave of gold mining.  Local groups started to meet together to share ideas and strategies and support each other more effectively. That led to the creation of the Alliance for Responsible Mining Regulation (ARMR).  Now ARMR has produced ‘lock the gate’ style signs that landowners and community members can put on their properties or community facilities.  Read more & sign up.

Nuclear Free News May

FoE Melb nuke free news May
In our May Nuclear Free News update you can read about the concerns about the Mulga Rock Uranium project, remote NT communities and their issues with uranium contaminate drinking water, the nuclear dimension of the conflict in Ukraine, and more. Read more.

PFAS residues in biosolids

FoE Melb PFAS in Vic biosolids landscape

Biosolids are the major product created from the waste water treatment process and are used for a number of purposes. Biosolids are essentially treated sewerage sludges. The treatment reduces pathogens and volatile organic matter. It does not however remove PFAS chemicals. PFAS enters waste water treatment plants via domestic sewerage and industrial sources.  It would appear that PFAS contaminated biosolids, sourced from numerous waste water treatment plants, are being spread throughout Victoria, across a variety of landuses. It is highly likely that similar applications of PFAS laden biosolids will be occurring across Australia.  Read more.

Vic renewables inquiry & getting off gas

Wind farm construction

MEDIA RELEASE: Days after watershed climate election, inquiry shows Vic can go further on renewables & get off gas

The Victorian Parliament has today received evidence it can go further and faster on renewable energy to create jobs and cut emissions, just days after a watershed election dominated by the issue of climate change.  Friends of the Earth says the combined evidence of Victoria’s Parliamentary Inquiry into 100% renewable energy and strong public support for action on climate shows the Andrews government can demonstrate greater ambition.  Read more.

Climate action June update

The Federal election results are in: The Coalition has been swept from office in what has been described as a "greenslide".  Community power was a key factor behind the outcome.  The election of a Labor government and strong showing for Greens and "teal" independent candidates is a big boost for the climate movement.  Read more.

Volunteer with Friends of the Earth

FoE Melb volunteer

We value all forms of labour and work, so no matter what you want to do: research policy, write poetry, paint banners, fundraise, strategise, plan actions, cook food, we welcome you to come in and find out about how you can be part of the Friends of the Earth community.  Read more & sign up.

Join the Food Coop

FoE Melb Food Coop membership

The Friends of the Earth Food Co-op and Cafe is a not-for-profit social enterprise and an active community space, supporting the environmental campaigns at Friends of the Earth.  Through food, we promote sustainable consumption, put workers first and inspire our local community to support ethical food production and choose waste reducing alternatives.  Having a strong network of financial members means we are self sustaining, independent, and never accept money from political parties, big banks, or extractive industries.  Read more & join.

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