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State Election Podcast starring Act on Climate

Act on Climate, in collaboration with Climactic, a climate change podcast that tells grassroots stories, is releasing a weekly show every Sunday until the Victorian election. Hear updates from Act on Climate, find out what's happening in the election run-up, and see where you can get involved! Check it out at or search 'Climactic' wherever you get your podcasts, including Spotify!

The miniseries will let you be a fly on the wall of Act on Climate meetings, so it's great for catching up if you missed a meeting, but it's also for sharing stories of why this election, and it's potential impacts on our climate safety, mean so much to us. 

 From the shownotes - "Climactic goes behind the scenes with Act on Climate, Friends of the Earth's premiere political action group, as they gear up to fight a pivotal state election. This one's for you if you've ever wondered what political/climate activism is really like. And, spoiler alert, they're a bunch of relatable, earnest, caring people.

This is the first miniseries from Climactic made in collaboration with an environmental group, and we couldn't have a better partner in this than Act on Climate. For the next 8 weeks we'll be sharing their stories, which they're already telling every Monday night at FoE Smith Street, Fitzroy, and on their excellent Twitter, Facebook, and blog. If this has sparked an interest in you to get involved in this, or other campaigns, feel free to come along or drop a message to them.

We'll be back next Sunday, same time same place, with week 2 of this exciting series."