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Vote Like Your Future Depends on it: State Election Focus

On today's show, we talk all things Victorian State Election with Cam Walker. What stance do the parties have on the key environmental issues of Gas and Forests for the upcoming election? We also talk about all things community response and positive pathways from fossil fuels.


Don't forget to donate to Friends of the Earth's Bring the Noise (link is external)to help support FoE for another year.

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Victorian Forests Carbon Report: Let the Forest Heal

On today’s two-part Dirt Radio episode Nathalie Farah sits down with Dr Jen Sanger (The Tree Projects(link is external))  and Chris Schuringa (Victoria Forest Alliance) to discuss the new Victoria Forest Carbon Report that has been co-authored by Dr Jen and the VFA.

This report highlights the current emissions from native forest logging and the legacy left by their delayed release into the atmosphere. But, do not lose hope! The incredible propensity of these ecosystems to absorb carbon can be utilised if we can just learn to nurture and protect them. For the full Victorian and Tasmanian report read through the FoE Melbourne Media Release.

Keep the donations rolling in for Bring the Noise (link is external)to help Friends of the Earth collectives moving.

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Northern Waters: Uranium in NT Drinking Water

On today's show Jupiter McIntire discusses her new report - Northern Waters: Uranium in Drinking Water in the Northern Territory. The report, due to be released later this week, looks at the heightened levels of Uranium in the drinking water of remote communities in the NT, the detrimental health effects and social issues that are driven by careless Uranium mining in the territory.


Keep your eyes peeled for the report through FoE Melbourne and find out how you can get involved spreading the word of this very pressing issue in the NT.

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SKAT - The Increasing Koality of Strzelecki Surveys and a New Gippsland Festival Buzz

On today’s show Michelle Baxter of the Strzelecki Koala Action Team (SKAT) talks with Dr. Steve Phillips and Mel Darer about the Strzelecki Koala.

Dr Steve Phillips of Biolink(link is external) provides vital support to the SKAT collective on their surveys of the Strzelecki Koala and talks about the new Areas of Regional Koala Significance (ARKS) surveying technique that will be released to citizen science in the coming months.

Mel Darer of Mel and the Menagerie(link is external) and VFA member who has been organising a Strezelecki Koala Festival in Gippsland that will be coming your way on Sunday 16 October 22 at Old Gippstown, Moe. For more info on how you can get involved contact [email protected](link sends e-mail) 

Keep up to date with all things Strzelecki Koala at the SKAT collective's page.



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Climate Impacts at Work - Grim Findings for Workers' Health

On todays episode Anna Langford (Friends of the Earth) is back to talk with Professor Lauren Rickards and Dr. Todd Denham (RMIT) on the new collaborative report 'Climate Impacts at Work', the background of the report, and an overview of findings and how they affect workers. 

Access the entire Climate at Work report to expand on the pressing issues discussed in this episode.



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Victorian Gas Roadmap with Freja Leonard

On todays show Jack and Sam speak with Freja Leonard from the No More Gas Collective about Victoria's role in Gas.

The interview touches on the role gas plays in Australia, the way it's exported and a recent (staggering) proposal for a floating gas terminal to be built in Geelong. The terminal boasts a location within the advised safe 3km radius residental housing, an immediate threat to local bay wildlife and a shallow attempt to prop up the crumbling Australian gas industry.

Help show solidarity to the people, flora and fauna that will be effected by the project by sending an email to your MP to TAKE ACTION on Victorian gas.

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The SKAT Hits the Fan - Protecting the Iconic Strzelecki Koala

Today on Dirt Radio we speak with Michelle Baxter of the Strzelecki Koala Action Team (SKAT) about the iconic Strzelecki koala, Victoria's only endemic species of Koala and the difficulty the species faces from logging, fires and private land ownership in Victoria.

With news last week that the death of four Koalas have been reported in a planned burnoff of the Mount Richmond National Park, this is a very present threat to all koala species.

Find out how you can get involved with SKAT spending long weekends (like Michelle) hunting for koala gold.

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Sayonara Scotty - The Climate Election

On today's Dirt Radio Sam, Jack and Jarred talk with climate community organisers about the Federal Election outcome and the impact of grassroots organising with special guests, Lynn Franks from Lighter Footprints: Grassroots and Morgan Pickett from Climate Action Network Australia.

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Corporate Accountability in Brazil

On today's episode of Dirt Radio, Jack and Sam play an interview by Sam Cossar-Gilbert with Leticia Paranhos Menna de Oliveira from Friends of the Earth Brazil, on a new campaign and proposed national law to hold corporations accountable in Brazil.

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Protect the Little Dargo River

On today's episode of Dirt Radio, Jack and Sam speak to Cam Walker about the planned logging of the Little Dargo River area. 

More information on the Little Dargo River 

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