No New Gas and Oil Drilling in the Otway Basin

Cancel oil and gas

In 2018, the Andrews Government released five new oil and gas exploration blocks off the Otway coast, stretching west to the South Australian border. Details on the release is available on the government's Earth Resources website.

The coastline from Port Campbell to the South Australian border is home to a major tourist industry. Income comes from whale watching, surfing, and all manner of accommodation, hospitality and service industries which support tourism. 

These communities are already being hit hard by COVID-19 travel restrictions. Imagine the devastating impacts of a major oil spill on this shoreline.

Southern Right Whales are expected back in the coastal waters of Western Victoria any moment now, where they will give birth and nurture their calves in the shallower waters.

It is essential that we use the next few months to raise the profile of the issue and get the attention of the Victorian government, and make it absolutely clear that the community does not support further fossil fuel development in the state.

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We might not be able to flock to the coast to rally just yet - but we CAN gather online to RESIST new fossil fuel developments!

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Send an email to Premier Dan Andrews calling on the state government to cancel the tender process.

Add your voice to the hundreds of community members who have said NO to gas expansion in the Otway Basin.

NO to new gas emissions!

NO to wrecking marine habitat!

NO to risking theses iconic coastlines!

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More on what’s happening:

The tender process for companies to apply to drill in state waters closed in mid February 2019. The government says that it has had 'strong' interest from companies that want to start exploring for gas. We expect that an announcement on successful applicants will be made by autumn or early winter 2020.


Western Victoria is blessed with pristine oceans, is home to humpback whales, southern right whales, dolphins and even orcas who depend on a clean and healthy ecosystem for breeding and survival. It's agricultural and tourism industries contribute much to the local and regional economy, and rely on a healthy environment to thrive.

Further to these threats, offshore oil and gas drilling will be a major new source of greenhouse pollution.

Climate science makes it abundantly clear that time is running out if we want to avoid catastrophic climate change. We must keep remaining fossil fuels in the ground.

In 2017, the Andrews Government displayed true leadership, legislating a permanent ban on fracking in Victoria.

The New Zealand government has banned new exploration permits for offshore oil. Victoria should do the same.

This exploration is a real risk to Victoria's coastline. Your donation can help us prevent it.


What else can you do?

1. Share this material with your family, friends and workmates.

2. Sign your business or organisation onto our letter of concern. Any form of local or state-wide business or organisation would be welcome to sign on. Once the list is significant, we will turn the letter, with signatories, into an open letter to the media and send to the government.

3. Ask your local MP where they stand on the issue – do they support offshore oil and gas operations in western VIC?

4. Write to your local paper and express your concerns.

Warrnambool Standard

Portland Observer

Moyne Gazette

5. Donate to the campaign to build our ability to get results. Please contact us if you would like to support the campaign through helping produce ads or help in any other way: