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Stop TGS seismic blasting the Southern Ocean

Any minute now TGS may be approved to blast the Southern Ocean with 250db of noise (louder than an atom bomb) every 10 seconds in the hunt for new gas and oil.

Seismic blasting does immense destruction to marine life all in search of fossil fuels that the climate can't afford. We need everyone to tell their federal representative that they need to pressure Resources Minister Madeleine King to oppose this permit - today!

Seismic blasting deafens whales, destroys zooplankton which is the larder of the ocean and does untold damage to all marine life in its path.

Our oceans are warming and already under unprecedented stress. They can't afford any more pressure from this type of operation. The measures proposed by TGS to minimise the impact of their operations are limited and will not guarantee the safety of the many threatened, endangered and critically endangered species in the path of months of unbearable noise.

This project isn't necessary - TGS and their partners Schlumberger already blasted this area in 2019 and the data from this and other blasting operations in the past is publicly available. In fact Schlumberger are currently under criminal investigation for alleged breaches of their last permit to blast this part of the Southern Ocean.

TGS/Schlumberger are applying for a Special Prospecting Authority (SPA) - it is issued by the Federal offshore titles authority NOPTA without external oversight or Ministerial approval. It's a shadowy process that has no place in a healthy democracy.

If this project, with all of its destruction, does go ahead it will take many years to start producing climate warming oil and gas. We know from international climate and energy experts that we can't afford a single new fossil fuel project today if we are to avoid tipping over into an unlivable climate tomorrow. By the time any oil or gas could be produced from this project this industry will be consigned to the history books.

Send an email now urging your Federal Represenative to contact the Resources Minister today and ask her to immediately contact NOPSEMA and NOPTA telling her of the scale of public opposition to this project and others like it. We ask you to please customise your email and the subject heading to make sure that your own voice is being heard.

And please, follow up with a phone call to your MP's office! This magnifies the impact of your email a hundred times or more.