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Our vision for a gas free future

We develop and hold deep community alliances, bringing together new and existing groups in frontline communities; those who will be immediately impacted by any new fossil gas expansion. This includes First Nations communities, coastal tourism operators, recreational and commercial fishers, farmers, the surfing community and nature lovers who want to stop onshore and offshore gas drilling. We believe that together our voices can put a stop to any further gas exploration in Victoria, and beyond!

Find out Victoria can leave gas behind forever with our Community Gas Retirement Roadmap!


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Develop a rapid, subsidised plan for the orderly, equitable retirement of the gas transmission network by 2035, starting with the lowest income homes and businesses

Work alongside coastal communities to stop new offshore gas exploration or drilling in pristine ocean environments.

Support agricultural communities in regional Victoria to protect land, water and climate from gas exploration, and work towards a reinstatement of a ban on all onshore conventional gas drilling in Victoria.

Hold mining companies accountable for remediation and decommissioning of current offshore gas drilling infrastructure as fossil fuels are phased out and replaced by renewable energy.

Shut down all gas-fired power plants in Victoria.

Ban Fracking in Victoria... Oh wait, we already did that! 


From the Great Ocean Road to the South Australian border and beyond, pristine ocean environments are threatened by offshore drilling expansion in state and commonwealth waters.