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Media release: Walk 2 #BuildMM2w

This October (19-25th), community members will be participating in a decentralised walk to increase pressure for sustainable public transport as a part of Melbourne's clean COVID-19 recovery.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made clear the need for public transport that reduces both crowding and number of connections in order for Melbourne to become a resilient city. 

Melbourne's North and West are the city's fastest growing areas, but they're severely under-serviced by public transport.


Community members are calling for a rethink of spending on major roads like the $16 Billion North East Link, and real investment in sustainable public transport like the Melbourne Metro 2 (MM2). Locals are calling on Transport ministers Jacinta Allan and Ben Carroll, and Treasurer Tim Pallas to commit to a business plan for MM2 for the post COVID-19 recovery. The rail tunnel is predicted to create ~16,000 direct jobs, improve liveability and reduce congestion.  

Friends of the Earth says that MM2 is the vital next addition to our public transport network, creating a crucial link between the North and West, while increasing capacity on the Mernda and Werribee lines, and across Melbourne's whole rail network. 

The MM2 tunnel would be built between Newport and Clifton Hill, with stops at Fishermans Bend, Southern Cross, Flagstaff, Parkville and Fitzroy.

Friends of the Earth’s Sustainable Cities spokesperson Claudia Gallois says “Everyone in Melbourne deserves access to good public services no matter what suburb we live in.”

By improving access to public transport, the proposed rail tunnel can help improve the physical and mental health of communities. 

Community member Tracy Sheung says “When I moved to Melbourne I heard it was the most liveable city in the world, but if you don't have a car, it can be a real struggle to get around.” 

The Melbourne Metro 2 would open up access to affordable transport and reduce congestion on our roads, freeing them up for those who need to drive, whilst cutting emissions.

This is a COVID-safe event and has been designed in line with all current rules, participants will walk in their own time while documenting their walk along the way! Click here for more information.

The Walk to Build #MM2 event is building momentum for the MM2 project and sending a clear message to decision makers, that communities are calling for sustainable transport options as a part of the COVID-19 recovery. 

For more information contact:

Claudia Gallois [email protected] 0448 752 656 or

Zeb Peake [email protected] 0424 592 672

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