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MEDIA RELEASE: PM Scott Morrison should match Boris, Biden, and Berejiklian on climate

Friends of the Earth has welcomed the NSW government's commitment to halve the state's emissions this decade. 

The Berejiklian government’s increased ambition on climate brings it inline with the United States and United Kingdom ahead of the critically important COP26 summit.

The commitment adds to the mounting pressure for the Federal government to ditch the weak 2030 target (26-28 percent) that was set over half-a-decade ago when Tony Abbott was Prime Minister.

Friends of the Earth says the Morrison government must follow the NSW government's lead to demonstrate its climate credentials:

“Premier Berejiklian has matched Boris and Biden's 2030 climate targets. Will Prime Minister Scott Morrison?,” asked Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth’s climate spokesperson. 

“The litmus test for the Federal government’s climate policy is whether it delivers deep emissions cuts this decade.”

“Failure to deliver deep cuts will leave communities exposed to intensifying bushfires, heatwaves, and extreme weather.”

Friends of the Earth has organised a national Day of Action for Aust's 2030 Climate Targets on Friday 1 October to ensure the community has its say on national climate policy.

With half the country in lockdown, community members across the country will take to social media to call for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to "match Boris and Biden's 2030 climate targets" at the COP26 summit.

Friends of the Earth are encouraging community members, unionists, businesses, and politicians to join the online action by using the #MatchBorisAndBidenOnClimate hashtag.


Join the online action by clicking here to upload your photo calling on PM Scott Morrison to increase Australia's climate policy ambition.

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