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Act on Climate Update - March 2024

Here is the Act on Climate crew's update on what we're up to, what's coming up, and ways you can get involved!

It's been a huge month for the Act on Climate collective. We're organising in various places, in our own network and beyond; building alliances, forming new relationships and planning how we can do more with the upcoming opportunities posed by the Inquiry into Climate Resilience

Last week we coordinated the third FCAV (Frontline Climate Alliance Vic) call. A different configuration of people have come together each month for these meetings, raising quality discussion.New ideas and connections were formed!

Scroll down for some of the highlights from our conversations, as well as more about the VIC Gov's Inquiry into Climate Resilience, and all about our first community resilience mapping activity.

RSVP for an upcoming collective meeting if you're keen to be a part of our campaign or learn some organising skills - no experience required, just passion for climate justice.


Inquiry into Climate Resilience

The Victorian government is running an Inquiry into Climate Resilience, which will look into the preparedness of communities facing climate disasters across the state.

What do you think the state needs to do to prepare for locked in climate impacts?

Our submission guide outlines the submission process and makes it easy for you to have your say to ensure VIC's climate adaptation is community led.

This inquiry presents opportunities for the community to share ideas and stories about their experiences of climate impacts. There are even creative and more accessible ways of engaging.

Submissions can be written, audio, or video and highly personalised.

Check out our Climate Resilience Inquiry support page for our submission guide and fact sheets. Submissions close 1st May!


Climate change is here now, impacting communities. People who are already facing challenges based on their economic position, systemic disadvantage, or compounding circumstances will be disproportionately impacted by climate impacts.

Vulnerability to climate impacts is not distributed equally across communities, geographically and socially.

This inquiry is an opportunity to highlight the urgent need for local community-led solutions with those most at risk considered first in adaptation plans.

The inquiry is focused on the risks of climate change on the built environment & infrastructure, including how people interact with these spaces.

Everyone has a story to tell about climate impacts, whether it be lived experience, threats of concern in your community, or the challenges facing others that you want to talk about.

Use our submission guide and fact sheets to help create your submission.


Community Resilience Mapping

The Act on Climate collective facilitated our first community resilience mapping activity at Sweltering Cities HeatSafe Frankston event.

People were highly engaged in the process, developing innovative, clear, ambitious ideas for the community in their climate adaptation pathway.

We're offering support to anyone who wants to facilitate the activity in their own community. We'll be sharing resources soon which you can use to guide the running of your own event!

What is it?

Community Resilience Mapping is used to achieve good climate resilience. Through community members brainstorming strategies that keep community members safe.

  • Helps inform adaptation and emergency response plans & the prioritisation of time and resources
  • Results in practical community-led solutions & knowledge of how can stay safe

Through identifying: 

  1. Exposures: various climate impacts
  2. Sensitivities: who/which areas most at risk
  3. Assets: what already in place to reduce impacts
  4. Adaptive Capacity: where are the gaps

This activity was adapted from the Climate Resilience Project.

Reach out for support to run Community Resilience Mapping in your community!


Frontline Community Alliance Vic (FCAV) Call #3 Highlights

Who are the people in your community most vulnerable to climate impacts?

"Farmers are amongst some of the most vulnerable to climate change. In some farmer communities there is still denial to link climate with disasters"

- Horsham resident 

Idea from discussion:

There's potential to shift thinking in conservative communities through switching from the traditional climate action dialogue that focuses on mitigation (which can be challenging to align differences with). 

This is by connecting on climate impacts and adaptation. The discussion noted that community resilience and climate adaptation can be relatable, accessible and provide a wider breadth to engage with different people. Including those who might not usually be receptive to climate conversation

Tune into our next FCAV call #4: Monday March 25th, 12-1:30pm.


Coming Up!

  • Once a month social event: we'll be meeting on Thursday evenings every second week/Thurs of the month to facilitate a more social, chill, accessible space for people to connect.
  • Next Thursday 14th we will be at Camp Sovereignty (for our monthly agenda free social meet). Over the following months we will rotate the meeting location to a new place, welcoming new and existing members to a social gathering. RSVP here.
  • Next AoC Organising meeting: Tuesday 19th 6-7:30pm, at FoE and online. RSVP here.
  • SkillUp, Sat March 23rd at NECCHI, East Coburg: An introductory training in organising and action. Register interest here.

In just the past week we had collective members facilitate at an event in Frankston, host the FCAV call #3, engage with community at events in the city and meet to develop plans for the upcoming Inquiry into Climate Resilience (and much more!).

There's many diverse ways to engage with us as a collective member. Keen to put your skills to action?

Get in touch if you'd like to get involved or hear more about what we're doing.


Remember, you're always welcome to join Act on Climate's weekly meetings. Our organising and action meetings will take place on the alternative fortnight to the Organising Training Workshops.

All weeks include dinner. Register here for an upcoming Tuesday. 

Support our work with a donation here.

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