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Government walks away from coal closure promise

The Federal Energy Minister Martin Ferguson has announced that the Government is walking away from its promise to shut down some of our dirtiest, oldest coal power stations.

Hazelwood, long a target of campaigners in Victoria, was expected to be closed under the 'contracts for closure' process.

This process grew from the implementation of a carbon price – with a commitment to shut down 2000 MW of coal production. It has now been announced that negotiations have broken down.

Media reports are now saying that Hazelwood may continue to burn brown coal 'for decades'.

Please call the PM and Climate Change minister.  

Call the numbers below, give your name, and where you are from, and say you would like to leave a short message:

Please express your disappointment at the collapse of the contract for closure process, and demand the government goes back to the negotiating table, and start discussions about closure of Hazelwood and other polluting power stations immediately.

Be polite. Both offices are getting hundreds of messages, so they will be ready to take a note.

Prime Minister Gillard (02) 6277 7700
Greg Combet, Minister for Climate Change (02) 6277 7920

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