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Supporting Grassroots Forest Groups

Friends of the Earth is proudly supporting a number of grassroots environment groups as part of our work to protect Victoria's native forests. 

Friends of Alberton West Forest

Friends of Alberton West Forest is a small grassroots, community group of environmentalists, land care volunteers & farmers trying to defend the Alberton West State Forest and its endangered inhabitants. 

Just north of Wilson’s Prom in south Gippsland, Alberton West State Forest is a precious, largely untouched island of biodiversity. Ecologists have found nine threatened, vulnerable, endangered and, yes, critically endangered plants and animals where government bureaucrats have selected for logging.

On top of that, there’s the precious Strzelecki Koala. Literally, the only original Victorian koala population left. These koalas are unique and genetically diverse survivors of the original wild population, there's not much habitat left for them. Victoria's lost many to fire already.

Friends of Alberton West State Forest is providing fundraising support to a legal challenge against VicForests, and hope to educate people in their community about the significance of the area through events, public education and citizen science.  

Alberton West Forest is an important refuge and we need your help to protect it.  Make a donation to support Friends of Alberton West Forest here.
Entrance to Alberton West State Forest, Gippsland.

Kinglake Friends of the Forest

Kinglake Friends of the Forest is a not-for-profit environmental group which advocates for the preservation of the native forests of Kinglake and the Central Highlands. This region provides essential habitat for a range of threatened or endangered species such as Greater Gliders, Leadbeater's Possum, and  Sooty Owls and is a catchment area for much of Melbourne's water supply.  These areas contain among the most carbon dense forests in the world and preserving them will have a significant effect in mitigating climate change.

They carry out this work through a number of avenues;
  • Community activities such as spotlighting tours in the forests, information sessions and market stalls
  • Campaigning to the State Government to transition out of native forest logging now rather in 2030, through rallies, social media campaigns, petitions and meeting with politicians
  • Supporting legal action taking VicForests to court over their logging practices, many of which we allege breach their own guidelines.

Kinglake Friends of the Forest raise funds for the above activities primarily through donations and grants. Make a donation to protect these precious native forests here.

Greater Glider