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Our Vision for Victoria's Forests

Victoria is ending native forest logging on Jan 1st 2024. The next 7 months will be critical for forests as First Nations custodians, the communities, campaigners, and scientists all contribute to a vision for how to interact with our forest landscapes beyond industrial logging. 

Now is a sensitive time for transitioning communities. We must ensure that the transition serves the needs and respects the transferable skills of ex-forestry workers, builds regional resilience in this time of climate crisis, and ensures the return of land to First Nations custodians. 

We want to see a future beyond logging that fosters collective growth and the wellbeing of all. Our visions are:

Amplify the voices of First Nations custodians calling for self-determination, justice, and decision making power regarding the future management of Country.

Advocate for the ecologically responsible, place-specific stewardship and restoration of forests, braiding together First Nations Cultural Knowledge and peer-reviewed, integrity based ecological studies. 

Organise with regional communities to promote a regenerative, care-based economy that leaves nobody behind.

Continue our work to protect the Alpine region from ongoing threats & secure the best protections possible for forests. Support citizen science with equipment and resources so that community groups across the state can continue to identify and protect threatened species at this critical time for forests and wildlife.