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Andrews govt support for climate change solutions deliver jobs and investment to Stawell


Friends of the Earth welcome the announcement of state government support for a $565 million expansion of the Nectar Farms hydroponic business near Stawell. The project will see the construction of the Bulgana wind farm and create 1,300 jobs. 

Friends of the Earth's say the announcement shows that state government support for climate change solutions creates jobs and brings investment to regional communities such as Stawell. 

"The Andrews government's support for the wind-powered hydroponics project will create 1,300 new jobs in the Stawell region and shows investment in climate change solutions bring jobs and investment to regional communities."


Friends of the Earth, who will soon launch a community campaign on climate change impacts in the Stawell region, say the Federal government's failure to act on climate change requires more leadership from the state government.  

"The Turnbull government's failure to act on climate leaves regional communities exposed to climate impacts such as bushfires and droughts," said Leigh Ewbank. 

"Premier Daniel Andrews has shown leadership to date by strengthening the Climate Change Act, but the time has come for his government to invest in climate action."

"The Andrews government can protect communities from climate change impacts and create jobs by delivering Victoria's first ever climate change focussed budget."

The Andrews government has shown a preparedness to make significant investments in key social issues with a $2 billion allocated towards family violence--the state's number one law-and-order issue. 

Friends of the Earth say the Andrews government can bolster its environmental credentials with a strong budget that invests in programs to prevent climate change from getting worse and protects communities from the impacts that are now locked in.  

"Victoria' has never had a budget focussed on climate action. A down payment on climate action from Premier Daniel Andrews supercharge state efforts to tackle climate change and protect communities from its impacts," said Ewbank.

Mr Ewbank was critical Victorian opposition's performance on climate change to date: 

"The Matthew Guy opposition voted against the Victorian Climate Change Act earlier this year, despite a high level of concern about climate change among the community--including Liberal party voters," said Ewbank.

"Voters reward political parties that act on climate and grow renewables. It's a reservoir of support that the opposition cannot tap with its current platform."

"Will local Liberal MP Louise Staley welcome investment in climate change solutions?"

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