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Loving Murrumdoorandi

Localisation and community resilience in a time of transition.

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Dirt Radio podcast - Offshore wind - realising the potential

This week on the show we hear some of the highlights from a recent webinar held by Friends of the Earth and the Climate Council about the potential for an offshore wind industry in Australia. We hear presentations from Tony Wolfe, a coal fired power plant worker, and Penny Howard, a research officer with the Maritime Union of Australia.

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Workers killed by police at a Bangladeshi coal fired power plant

Friends of the Earth Bangaldesh AKA Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association or BELA, have made calls for an independent investigation into the shooting of coal plant workers by police back in April that left 7 people dead.

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Westgate Bridge Disaster 50 Years On: Workers Solidarity Bulletin #26

Westgate Bridge Disaster 50 Years On: Workers Solidarity Bulletin #26

50 years ago a section of the West Gate Bridge collapsed in Australia’s worst industrial incident. In this edition we pay tribute to the 35 workers killed in the collapse, the 18 who were seriously injured and all of the family members and workers who were deeply affected by this disaster. Remembering also means that we remember how this preventable catastrophe happened and the callous and inadequate response from the bosses and government.

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Workers Solidarity Bulletin: Issue 22

Workers Solidarity Bulletin Issue 22

While workers are still figuring out how to protect their loved ones and livelihoods through the fallout of COVID-19 the bosses are ticking a few things off their wish list. We are seeing systematic attacks on the sick leave, penalty rates and job securities unionists have won and worked long and hard to protect. Instead of fighting back one issue or one workplace at a time, we need a united fight now. 

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Friends of the Earth podcast history series made in collaboration with 3CR 855 AM community radio show Acting Up!  Monday 2.00pm.  Ratbags, peaceniks and agents of change, resistance radio that explores the movements that made us. 

45 Years of Acting Up! Friends of the Earth Trade Union Solidarity audio episode

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Presenters: Megan Williams and Em Gayfer.
Guests: Dave Kerin (BLF & Earthworker Coop), Cam Walker (FOE), Dimity Hawkins (FOE)

Jack Mundey, 2020. Commemorative digital poster

Image: Chips Mackinolty, Jack Mundey, 2020. Commemorative digital poster

This episode looks at how Friends of the Earth built up alliances and solidarity with the trade union movement.  Guests discuss the Green Ban actions in the 1970s, forest and dock blockades, land rights and anti-nuclear campaigns.  Over the years Friends of the Earth formed solid alliances with workers, including the creation of the Earthworker Cooperative supporting sustainable jobs, community and the environment, always campaigning towards social and economic justice for all.  Core to trade union ethos, peace actions aligned with Friends of the Earth’s anti-militarism campaigns joining in protests against the Gulf War, and shutting down the AIDEX Arms Fare.  Workers and activists continue to resist exploitative corporate power campaigning to empower workers worldwide. Keep reading to find out how to get involved.

Join Friends of the Earth & Earthworker Cooperative
Disaster Cooperativism webinar
6.30pm Friday 5 June 2020

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Transforming Victoria: Creating jobs while cutting emissions

Transforming Victoria: creating jobs while cutting emissions

A ‘green new deal’ proposal for a Fair and Just Transition from Friends of the Earth

There is an urgent climate imperative to transform our economy. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report (2018) argued that, by 2030, global emissions must drop by 45% from their 2010 levels if we are to avoid exposing hundreds of millions of people to serious climate-related hazards. A growing body of mainstream climate science says that we need to achieve deeper targets earlier if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Geelong renewable manufacturing hub good news for climate jobs - Will Matthew Guy welcome the news?

Vestas Renewable Energy Hub
Environment group Friends of the Earth welcome the Andrews government's announcement Geelong will now be home to Victoria's newest wind energy manufacturing facility, the Vestas Renewable Energy Hub.

“This is exactly the kind of renewable energy investment Victoria needs to create long-term jobs in climate action” said Pat Simons, Friends of the Earth's renewable energy spokesperson.

The facility will employ 27 people manufacturing wind turbine hubs for the Berrybank and Dundonnell wind farms – successful auction winners as part of Victoria's Renewable Energy Target – and act as a service and training centre.

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A tale of two valleys

The isolation of regional voices & some visions for building resilience.

By Zianna Fuad

I often find politics becomes removed from it’s real-life repercussions. I often forget the way decisions ripple out over time, changing the ways of things like a railroad switch.  I forever remind myself that politics is not locked in a Parliament room, it’s real and felt and often long-lasting and each time I forget, I am reminded of the cushioning of privilege and its own abstracting lens.  


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Energy Justice Victoria: Overview & Vision

Quit Coal’s campaign Energy Justice Victoria is pushing for a needs-based energy system that allows access to 100% clean, fair and affordable energy for all.  We want to ensure that while we work for a rapid transition away from coal in Victoria, we address other key problems in the energy market such as corporate corruption, high power prices and energy poverty.  We see public, democratic control and ownership of energy is an essential part of reworking our energy system and transitioning to 100% renewable energy.

“The real solutions to the climate crisis are also our best hope of building a much more enlightened economic system, one that closes deep inequalities, strengthens and transforms the public sphere, generates plentiful, dignified work and radically reins in corporate power.” - Klein


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