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Act on Climate Update - December 2023

Here is the Act on Climate crew's update on what we're up to, what's coming up, and ways you can get involved!

As 2023 wraps up as the hottest year on record and some settle into holiday mode, we’re continuing our preparations for a dangerously hot summer.

The responses to climate impacts we’re seeing here and now are being driven by local communities helping each other through disaster. This solidarity and mutual aid is critical and heartwarming, but it’s not enough.

Recently during COP28 negotiations we joined Move Beyond Coal activists at the office of Josh Burns MP to turn up the heat on Labor. We are calling for no more new fossil fuel projects and Funding for Climate Resilience.

Every step we take to help communities adapt to now unavoidable climate impacts secures a safer future and builds resilience, protecting people and country.

RSVP for an upcoming collective meeting if you're keen to be a part of our campaign or learn some organising skills - no experience required, just passion for climate justice.


Predictions of temperatures which induce heatwaves and bushfires are  a major concern for communities. Meanwhile simultaneously, those in North Queensland are already experiencing the frontline impacts of extreme weather events through floods. The recent record-breaking floods are a frightening portent of what’s to come under climate change.

This week’s events on the climate frontline make it acutely obvious that the frequency and intensity of climate impacts are worsening, as emergency services across the country are struggling to keep people safe. The impacts of these climate disasters could have been reduced if the community had been supported to develop resilience to locked in impacts in advance.

A responsible government should ensure that its citizens are safe and enable communities to do everything possible to prepare for these already locked-in climate impacts.

Right now we are seeing climate impacts threatening communities across the continent, with multiple major bushfires causing hospitalisation in WA and more than 100 residents have been flown from the remote far north community of Wujal Wujal to Cooktown after being stranded for days.

The Aboriginal community of Wujal Wujal need your help. Contribute to the Wujal Wujal Recovery Flood Emergency Appeal

Check this great set of contacts and resources from Seed Mob to support impacted Aboriginal communities further.

Climate impacts are now inignorable, and Victorians are bracing for a range of threats this summer. The Act on Climate collective are on standby to respond to climate disasters occurring over the break and beyond. Climate Frontline communities need support through disaster relief resourcing and amplification of calls for mutual aid and help on the ground.

Respond to this email to join the  Act on Climate collective rapid response organising team.

In 2024 the Act on Climate Collective will be supporting communities to build their visions for climate resilience and together build grassroots power. 

We’re demanding the Vic government resource adaptation for frontline climate impacted Vic communities now, coordinating with groups across the state through the recently established Frontline Climate Alliance Vic.

To prepare for locked-in climate impacts, we need ongoing funding for adaptation work to ensure that climate adaptation is led by and for the community. Sign on to the call for a permanent Climate Adaptation Fund.

Allowing urban Victorians to be trained and deployed as firefighters at times of urgent need would be a smart response to the reality of longer, more intense bushfire seasons. That’s why we’re campaigning for a Remote Area Firefighting Team. Add Your Name as a pledge to join a remote area firefighting team for Victoria.

Take care of each other out there. Rest well and get in touch to join efforts in responding to escalating climate impacts.


Remember, you're always welcome to join Act on Climate's weekly meetings. Our organising and action meetings will take place on the alternative fortnight to the Organising Training Workshops.

All weeks include dinner. Register here for an upcoming Tuesday. 

Support our work with a donation here.

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