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Building the Frontline Climate Alliance Vic

Summer is here early and we're concerned. As average temperatures hit all time highs and heat records are constantly being smashed, we're making a plan.

We know that the climate crisis is already here and communities are experiencing the impacts right now. That's why alongside continuing to rapidly reduce emissions we need to prepare for impacts by demanding the Vic government resource adaptation for frontline climate impacted Vic communities now.




In November we'll be launching our call for a Frontline Climate Alliance (FCA) in Vic. This will enable communication, knowledge and resources to be shared across communities and coordinate efforts to build pressure on the Vic government to act on climate adaptation. The alliance will work to build grassroots power towards solutions for community led adaptation, supporting those being hit first and worst by impacts.

As we pass our third hottest month on record this September, which follows the hottest August and hottest July ever recorded, we need localised community led solutions. We want to see the Victorian government fund climate adaptation plans for local communities as across the state according to each community’s vision. A Vic Climate Adaptation Fund would allow communities to implement localised adaptation plans that are most needed and relevant.

The Victorian Labor government has made the strongest commitments to climate mitigation the state has seen, but communities are being left behind when it comes to adaptation. They are not getting the support urgently need right now. Climate impacts are already here so we need solutions enacted now. It's not enough to be focusing on reducing emissions and increasing renewable energy. It's not enough to have an adaptation plan with no action. We need funding for communities to implement the action envisioned by their own communities.

Communities are experiencing a lack of communication and consultation from the Victorian government. The government's plans and strategies must involve proper community consultation that's accessible and fair. We want to see financial support for and implementation of adaptation plans. Action and funding will enable communities to adapt to a changing climate safely and justly. 

This summer we're going to need to hold the government to account for worsening climate impacts and disasters.

That's why we're building a solid network of people to name changing seasons, extreme weather events and disaster events for what they are: climate change impacts.

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