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Act on Climate Update - April 2024

Here is the Act on Climate crew's update on what we're up to, what's coming up, and ways you can get involved! 

The submissions deadline for the Inquiry into Climate Resilience has been extended to June 28th! We will be using this time to support more people and groups to have a say on Victoria's preparedness for climate disasters.

We've put together a Resource Pack filled with content for you to make a submission and support others to do the same.

Have you made your submission yet? We've just introduced an easier way to make your submission in as little as five minutes right now...

Last month, the Frontline Climate Alliance Vic featured examples of local adaptation initiatives. Link to the recording below if you missed it.

RSVP for an upcoming collective meeting if you're keen to be a part of our campaign or learn some organising skills - no experience required, just passion for climate justice.


Inquiry into Climate Resilience: New 5 min Submission Option & Our Resource Pack

The inquiry is an opportunity to highlight the urgent need for local community-led climate preparedness solutions.

Have your say on the climate impacts that concern you most and the risks your community are facing. You can also let the Government know how you want it to help your community prepare for climate impacts to protect people and country.

We now have both a quick and easy email template you can use to make a submission in 5 minutes, as well as a resource pack, which is filled with content for you to make a submission and support others to do the same.


Take your pick from our Climate Resilience Inquiry Resource Pack to -


Access the whole Resource Pack here, with more resources including a Community Resilience Mapping Facilitation Guide and Climate Resilience Inquiry Social Media Content.


Make a quick submission now with our new 5 min option



Submission Making Events

Submission making parties are the best way to maximise your impact while hanging with your friends and supporting each other to create a video, audio or written piece.

Gather your mates, people at your work or other spaces you frequent to host an event! We've got everything you'll need in the Submission making party facilitation guide.

Between now and June 28th the Act on Climate collective will be focused on reaching out to communities on the frontline of climate impacts to ensure the voices of people most at risk are heard in the inquiry.

So far, we've held a submission making party at Friends of the Earth and online, and an event at Collingwood Neighbourhood House together with Yarra City Council.


Organise your event today and give us a call if you need any help throughout the process!



Frontline Community Alliance Vic (FCAV) Call #4: Geelong Sustainability Recording

In May, the Frontline Climate Alliance Vic featured examples of local adaptation initiatives. 

Dan Cowdell and Karina Donkers from Geelong Sustainability spoke about the Community Climate Resilience Forum they recently held and the Climate Safe Rooms initiative just piloted.

Climate Safe Rooms are an adaptation initiative which targets one room in a home to be retrofitted for prevention of extreme heat-related deaths Watch the Zoom talk recording here.

We're hosting the next Frontline Climate Alliance Vic on Monday May 27th at 12pm. We'll be hearing from Kim Croxford about Dindi Transition, which aims to build resilience to climate change and other challenges by localising its economy, strengthening its social networks, and learning about its local environment. Get in touch to contribute to the agenda on climate adaptation!

RSVP for the next Frontline Climate Alliance Vic Meeting



Coming Up!

Keep an eye out for more Resilience Inquiry submission making and Community Resilience Mapping events over the next two months!

Get in touch if you'd like to get involved or hear more about what we're doing:


Remember, you're always welcome to join Act on Climate's weekly meetings. Our organising and action meetings will take place on the alternative fortnight to the Organising Training Workshops.

All weeks include dinner. Register here for an upcoming Tuesday. 

Support our work with a donation here.

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