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Victoria to kick off auctions for 2 gigawatts of offshore wind in 2024, enough to power 1.5 million homes

offshore_wind_boat.pngMEDIA RELEASE 14.12.23

Environmental justice group Friends of the Earth welcomes the Allan government’s announcement today it will kickstart offshore wind auctions in 2024, a big step forward for climate that will power 1.5 million homes with clean renewable energy.

“Offshore wind will play a critical role in acting on climate change, powering 1.5 million homes, and creating a real transition pathway for regions like Gippsland with thousands of new jobs” said Pat Simons, Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy spokesperson.

Friends of the Earth also welcome the Allan government’s position that oil and gas style seismic blasting is not necessary for offshore wind, and the industry can instead use High Resolution Geophysical (HRG) surveys, a more sensitive way to map the seabed and other geological features.

“It’s absolutely essential that strong protections for nature are built in from the beginning of offshore wind and this timeline provides the time needed to undertake comprehensive environmental surveys” added Simons.

Critically, the government says that bids for offshore wind contracts will be assessed on criteria including First Nations partnerships, community benefits, and local content and job creation, as well as price.

Friends of the Earth calls on the federal Albanese government to match Victoria’s ambition with its own offshore wind industry plan for securing good, union jobs, strong community benefits and protections for the environment.

The announcement comes shortly after the Victorian Gas Substitution Roadmap 2, which sets out the government’s next steps to move households off expensive fossil gas and go all electric, a sign that Victoria continues to lead the country on climate ambition.

The Victorian government’s latest Offshore Wind Implementation Statement 3 is available here.


Pat Simons - Yes2Renewables Coordinator

0415 789 971

[email protected]

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