The Energy Justice collective - campaigning for justice as we transition from coal

The well-known and much-loved Quit Coal Victoria collective from Friends of the Earth Melbourne has decided to rename itself as the Energy Justice Victoria collective. We love our supporters and know many people are passionate about Quit Coal Victoria’s work, and so we wanted to explain to everyone why we are renaming ourselves and why we are so excited about it!

Who is Quit Coal Victoria/Energy Justice Victoria?

The Quit Coal collective formed in 2012 to fight the development of new coal and gas proposals in Victoria, and to push for the transition to a clean renewable energy grid. 

This was done based on the knowledge that we are in a global climate crisis that is the result of colonialism and capitalism, and that to ensure a safe climate we need to address structural inequalities that are driving the extraction of fossil fuels for private-industry profit.

Recently we have worked on a number of campaigns aimed at blocking fossil fuels and supporting just alternatives. These include our Keep Ninety Mile Beach Pollution Free campaign opposing the development of a waste-carbon injection site that would be developed alongside a new coal project in Latrobe Valley, as well as our Energy Justice campaign that fought for the establishment of a cooperatively owned renewable energy retailer.

Why Energy Justice?

As the political and social landscape has changed we understand the conversation has also changed. Coal cannot compete price or technology-wise with renewable energy and storage. Renewables are cheaper, better for the health of communities then polluting fossil fuels, and mitigate the climate crisis the world is currently facing. 

As the world moves away from coal and towards a greener, cleaner energy system it provides an opportunity to recentre our energy system around human rights and community wellbeing. As our group continues to do grass-roots campaigning with communities that are working towards a renewable future we wanted our name to reflect both our focus on moving beyond fossil fuels, and our focus on social justice. 

We feel that Energy Justice Vic is the best name to encapsulate everything we stand for; that energy is what we need, and justice is how we get there.

What will we be working on?

Energy Justice Victoria will be continuing the work of Quit Coal Vic and:

  • Fighting the development of new fossil fuel projects in Victoria - read more here
  • Working with communities for a just transition to a renewable energy system - read more here
  • Pushing for an energy system that prioritises communities over corporate profits 

How can you take action?

We believe that everyone can create change for a most just energy system, and love meeting new passionate communities members who want to get involved. If you want to be part of the movement you can:

  • Come to a fortnightly collective meeting at 6pm on Wednesday, at Friends of the Earth Melbourne. More details here
  • Make a tax-deductible donation and provide vital fighting funds to the collective 

We’ll see you on the campaign trail,

Energy Justice Vic