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Write a submission to protect the ban on Nuclear Power

Since 1999 domestic nuclear power has been prohibited by Australian law. This ban has served us well and helped avoid the high cost, high risk nuclear sector. But right now, these sensible protections are under threat from a concerted push by Coalition politicians.

Take two minutes to send a easy pre-filled submission to let the commission know you don't agree.

Defend the ban on nuclear power

A group of Nationals and Liberals – including climate deniers and skeptics – are now championing nuclear power as a climate response. 

In reality, promoting nuclear delays effective climate action. The challenges and opportunities around building a non-fossil energy future are pressing and real. We cannot afford to waste more time on culture wars and false solutions. Please add your voice to defend the nuclear ban.

A new Senate Inquiry is looking at this push by Matt Canavan and others to get rid of the nuclear protections.

We can’t let them get a foot in the door or it will become more than a distraction – it will become a diversion of resources, funding and focus.

It would be best if each submission is different and unique, so please add and delete text as you choose. Or, if you don't have time, just hit the 'send' button straight away.


If you want read up more about the background of this bill and/or create your own submission, please see here.