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MEDIA RELEASE: North East Link locks out community consultation

MEDIA RELEASE: North East Link locks out community consultation

22 Nov 2018

Daniel Andrews continues to rush through the North East Link, today announcing the project will go out to tender moments after re-election.

As the biggest and most expensive road project proposed for Melbourne, the community needs to be involved in these significant decisions.

“The community will be devastated a potential Labor government will push through an unwanted road project, before assessing the environmental impacts of this project.” Rachel Lynskey, Friends of the Earth Sustainable Cities coordinator said today.

“We have not had the opportunity to understand the environmental impacts, nor investigate real alternatives to the congestion in this local area. The North East Link toll road locks in future gridlock.”

Jumping from a concept to awarding a tender misses the important input of local community members to voice concerns about the impacts.

Local councils including Banyule, Yarra and Whitehorse are opposing the project and standing up for their constituents concerns about the local area impacts.

Melbourne's continuing investment in roads at the expense of public transport. With an ambitious and important public transport agenda, we urge priority to finish Melbourne Metro 1, and get started with the airport link and the Suburban Rail Loop.

The community are asking that the government invests in freight on rail for a quicker less expensive alternative to the North East Link to reduce pollution.

The community are also asking for investment instead in the “Melbourne Metro 2” allowing a Doncaster Rail connection. North East Link actively destroys the future possibility of Doncaster Rail, locking out public transport opportunities.

“To tackle congestion and commuter traffic we urge the commencement of planning and construction of Melbourne Metro 2. This connection of Clifton Hill to the CBD makes it possible for a Doncaster Rail addition. The project would create thousands of local jobs, and keep Melbourne moving for the future” said Ms Lynskey.

For more comment contact:  Rachel Lynskey, 0481 288 211

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