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HAVE YOUR SAY: North East Link EES Submission Update

Worried about the biggest road project in Melbourne's history?

What does it mean for our city?

How can you have your say?

We already know there will be huge environmental impacts, and that mega toll road projects lock Melbourne into decades more congestion, tolls and pollution.

The project is putting 90 000 more cars on the Eastern Freeway, killing any plan to build Doncaster Rail and expecting to cut down 16 000 trees.

At over 10 000 pages, the Environment Effects Statement is daunting and the community needs more time to assess the impacts. We are working on some tips to help you respond (or feel free to get in touch if you want to help with this).

For now Sign the Petition to tell Premier Andrews that he must Rethink the North East Link project. Now is the time to stand with the community and protect our environment.

Tell our political decision makers that now is the time to stand up to the car and toll lobby, and invest in public transport.

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