Bushfires and climate change

134042-1.jpgIn Victoria, the frequency of large fires (greater than 100,000 hectares) has grown significantly over the past century.

  • 19th century – 2 mega fires
  • first half of 20th Century – 4 mega fires
  • 2nd half of 20th century – 7 mega fires
  • In the first 15 years of the 21st century – 6 mega fires

This is in spite of the huge advances we have made in fire fighting technology over the past 50 years.

You 'do the math'. Is there a link between climate change and fire frequency and intensity?

Unless the world takes immediate action to radically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, bushfires will become an ever greater threat to life and landscape in Victoria.

We can't solve the problem of climate change on our own, but Victoria must play it's part. In 2016 this means:

  • ensuring there is a funded plan for a rapid transition away from coal and our current reliance on oil and gas, and to 100% renewables, based on a diversification of the Latrobe Valley economy

  • banning all new fossil fuel projects in the state – coal, oil and gas

  • re-designing our cities to be climate friendly, and ready for the impacts of climate change

  • investing in public transport, and shifting the balance away from roads

  • developing an energy efficiency program for all existing houses and buildings



Please call on the Premier to ban all onshore gas drilling.

Please call on the Premier to ban all new coal operations in our state.

Please sign our 'petition for ambition', calling on the Victorian government to set high Renewable Energy Targets for the state.


For more on the link between fire and climate please check the Climate Council website.



1851 - 6 February "Black Thursday" (5 million hectares)

1898 - 1 February "Red Tuesday" (260,000 hectares)

1914 (>100,000 hectares )

1932 (206, 000 hectares)

1938-39 - December - January "Black Friday" (2 million hectares)

1944 - January - February (1 million hectares)

1952 – Benalla fire (100,000 hectares)

1965 - Gippsland (300,000 hectares)

1969 – state-wide (250,000 hectares)

1977 – Western District (103,000 hectares)

1980 - Sunset Country and the Big Desert (119,000 hectares)

1983 - 16 February "Ash Wednesday" (510,000 hectares)

1985 – Central VIC and Alps (>102,000 hectares)

2002 - December, Big Desert Fire (181,000 hectares)

2003 - January - March "2003 Eastern Victorian alpine bushfires" (1.3 million hectares)

2005–2006 – Western and Central VIC (160,000 hectares)

2006-07 - 1 December - 6 February "Eastern Victoria Great Divide bushfires" (1.2 -1.3 million hectares)

2009 - 7 February "Black Saturday" (450,000 hectares)

2012/13 Aberfeldy-Donnellys Creek, Harrietville, Chepstowe, and Grampians fires. (>190,000 hectares)