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Have you heard about the vital next addition to Melbourne’s world-class rail network?

Melbourne Metro 2 (MM2) is a tunnel between Newport and Clifton Hill via Fishermans Bend, Southern Cross, Flagstaff, Parkville and Fitzroy connecting to existing services.

Email our Premier and Opposition Leader today to put MM2 on the agenda in 2018.

By 2050, Melbourne is expected to be home to 8 million people. We need to invest in lots more public transport infrastructure to get everyone where we need to go. MM2 will lay the groundwork for a more extensive public transport network to move more people.

MM2 is a winner for all of Melbourne, particularly people in the west, the north east, and the inner city. The west and north are Melbourne’s fastest growing regions.

Make your voice heard before the coming election. Sign up here to send a message to local politicians.

A metro train connection creates better access to jobs and educational opportunities. MM2 will enable everyone to get around our city faster, in comfort, without having to sit in traffic and waste time looking for costly parking.

Our team is building the community voice calling for MM2. It’s not going to be on the agenda of major parties until 2025 (after the first Metro Tunnel is finished), but we can’t wait. We need a commitment to start planning now.

Take action now and keep improving our public transport network with Melbourne Metro 2!

Thanks for working with us to #BuildMM2. Looking forward to more actions together!

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