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Lower House passes Victorian Renewable Energy Target


MEDIA RELEASE: 21 September 2017

Lower house passes Vic Renewable Energy Target: "Victoria a step closer to jobs, cheaper power, and climate action"

Friends of the Earth have welcomed the passage of the Renewable Energy Jobs & Investment Bill 2017 in the Victorian Parliament, saying the result brings Victoria a step closer to jobs, cheaper power, and action on climate change.

"Passage of the Victorian Renewable Energy Target brings our state a step closer to jobs, cheaper power, and climate action," said Pat Simons, Friends of the Earth's renewable energy spokesperson.

"This outcome is a big win for the community, the labour movement, business, and everyone hungry for action on climate change."

Legislation to enshrine Victorian Renewable Energy Targets of 25 percent by 2020 and 40 percent by 2025 into law won majority support in the legislative assembly. The scheme is expected to:

  • Create 10,000 jobs in wind and solar across the state, from wind tower manufacturing in Portland to cable making in Tottenham, transformer manufacturing in Glen Waverley and Benalla, and warehousing/training in Lyndhurst.
  • See Victorian households save an estimated $30 on their power bill each year. Small-medium businesses will save $2,500 and big businesses will save $140,000.
  • Victoria's renewable energy rollout of 5,400 MW will cut electricity sector emissions up to 16 percent, helping the state meet its legislated net-zero emissions target by 2050.

The Andrews government's bill passed the lower house with the support of Victorian Greens MPs Ellen Sandell and Sam Hibbins.

The Matthew Guy opposition stuck to its pledge to vote against the VRET despite strong support for renewables among Liberal party voters.

Donate now to advertise the benefits of the VRET, and how Opposition MPs voted in key seats to keep them honest

"In 2017, it's unacceptable for politicians to vote against policies to tackle climate change," said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth's climate change spokesperson.

"With deadly hurricanes in the Atlantic, unprecedented bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and parts of Victoria experiencing a record dry June, now's not the time to be blocking action on climate change."

The Renewable Energy Jobs & Investment Bill 2017 will now go the the legislative council for the final tick of approval.

Fiona Patten and James Purcell, Members of the Legislative Council who supported the passage of the Victorian Climate Change Act 2017 earlier this year, are expected to back the Victorian Renewable Energy Target in an upper house vote.

Friends of the Earth will be tracking the passage of the legislation closely.


Pat Simons
0415 789 961
Yes 2 Renewables Community Coordinator

Leigh Ewbank
0406 316 176
Act on Climate (Vic) coordinator

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