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Our vision for koalas

We build community alliances in the South Gippsland region and across Victoria to support local citizens in learning how to survey and look for koalas. We believe that citizen science can lead to better understanding for land managers about where key koala populations reside, and encourage better state and federal protections for the Strzelecki koala, and koala populations across Australia.

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Protect the Strzelecki/South Gippsland koala and support initiatives that increase koala habitat throughout the region.

Advocate for further protection of the species through both State and Federal legislation.

Increase citizen science and community involvement in conducting koala surveys and koala protection in the region.

Facilitate better land management options that help identify and protect key koala habitat from logging and burning.

Increase community understanding about these unique animals, through media and social networking tools.


The genetically diverse Strzelecki/South Gippsland Koala is fighting its own unique battle. As our country is increasingly more vulnerable with bushfire risks looming, climate change is the biggest threat.