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HRL - Burning Coal at Three Minutes to Midnight

With $150 million of state and federal government grants this new coal fire power station has benefited from a large injection of taxpayer money to continue Victoriaís reliance on coal based electricity. The proposed HRL coal fire power plant is one of the first of the so-called ëclean coalí power plants scheduled to be built, and if allowed to go ahead will expand Australiaís reliance on polluting fossil fuel sources of energy such as coal, to the detriment of the clean, green renewable energy solutions available to us. A key component of the FoEM climate campaign is to create ways in which people from all walks of life can become part of the rapidly growing campaign to halt climate change. With a strong focus on community engagement and movement building, as well as tackling Victoria's incredibly polluting brown coal based power sector. FoEM provides a strong climate campaign in Victoria that recognises we need urgent action to halt climate change; combining deep cuts in our greenhouse pollution, a shift to clean green renewable energy sources, energy and resource efficiency with the need for doing so in a just and equitable way.

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