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Friends of the Earth Melb news Nov 2023

In November show your passion for environmental and social justice and become a Friends of the Earth member, FoE AGM 2023, 50 amazing years of campaigning, COP Don’t Nuke the Climate webinar, peace party, climate actions, koala skat, forest art, better transport & more!

Friends of the Earth activists

Show your passion for environmental and social justice and become a Friends of the Earth member. 

50 years of FoE newsletter-poster

FoE Melb 50 Years of Friends of the Earth

Check out a brief history of 50 amazing years of campaigning with our colourful FoE newsletter-poster download

AGM 2023 special 50 years of FoE event

FoE Melb 50 years of Friends of the Earth AGM 2023

Join us for a special 50 years of FoE AGM 2023 zoom event (members only).  RSVP here.

COP28 Don’t nuke the climate video launch & briefing webinar

FoE Melb Don't nuke the climate-nuke free webinar

This Australia/Pacific/Asia online forum is made specifically for people that will be attending COP 28, but open to everyone interested.
Info & RSVP here.

Get along to Wage Peace-Disrupt War and Nuclear Free collective night of music, great company and delicious toasties at Cafe Gummo RSVP.

Climate Frontline Alliance

FoE Melb Frontline Climate alliance Vic

Climate impacts are already here. We need solutions, support and solidarity enacted now. This November we will launch the Frontline Climate Alliance Victoria, to demand the Vic government resource adaptation for climate impacted Vic communities.  Sign up here.

Call for Vic community climate adaptation fund

As our preparedness for the predicted severe climate impacts this Summer is debated, it is clear that the Victorian Labor government needs to act on climate adaptation. Victorian communities want and need funding to adapt to incoming climate impacts.  This is why we are calling on the Victorian Labor government to establish a permanent Victorian Community Climate Adaptation Fund (VCCAF).  Read more & steps to support.

Shop online with FoE for Protect the Vic Alps hoodies and tees here to support Forest collective work.

FoE Forest Vic Alps hoodies

Support Victorian Forest Alliance fundraiser art auction
Art works and bidding here Join a special opening celebration Sat 18 Nov from noon-3pm at The Art Room, Footscray, with $500 worth of door prizes from Patagonia, plus music, speakers, nibblies from Food Not Bombs, and bubbly!  Art for Forests event RSVP.

The why and how of collecting koala skat

FoE Melb koala skat collectors

Friends of the Earth is urging anyone interested in the future of koalas to get involved in collecting koala scats over the next few months. The State Government's recent budget allocated money to better understand the genetic significance of the Strzelecki koala population. Federation University is in charge of the koala scat analysis, but they need samples from the Gippsland region to determine the extent and distribution of the Strzelecki koala.  Video & info.

A walk to the Lt Dargo river

FoE Melb walkers at Lt Dargo river

FoE has worked with the Treasures and other environmental groups to raise the profile of the Little Dargo. Now, with native logging in the east of the state due to end on January 1, 2024, the Little Dargo is looking safe. As part of the campaign, we have now hosted a number of free guided walks into Fred’s Flat to allow people to see what is at risk from logging. The November 2023 event saw an enthusiastic group walk in to the river. The walk co-incided with a Treasure family gathering, which allowed us to learn more about the history of the area and connection of the Treasures to this wonderful place.  Read more & donate.

Better Buses campaign update

The Sustainable Cities collective have been campaigning for Better Buses for 2 solid years. During this time we have built strong, lasting relationships with and amongst community members across Melbourne’s Western suburbs, sharing powerful stories and exposing the groundswell of demand for bus reform that has long been bubbling away within communities.  Read more.  We have called the government’s bluff and now we are asking: Can the government reform CDC Victoria's routes in the West now?  Sign the Better Buses petition.

Join the
Sydney Rd Accessible Transport campaign rally at Victorian parliament Wednesday 15 November 12.30pm, to hand over their petition for accessible tram stops along Sydney Rd. If we can win accessible tram stops in Sydney Road, we hope to use that momentum to win accessible tram stops all over Melbourne.  You can sign the Vic government accessible public transport petition here.

Vic volunteer Remote Area Firefighting Team pledge

Do you live in an urban area of Victoria? Love Victoria’s wild places, and want to help protect them from worsening bushfires? This one’s for you.  Climate change is supercharging our bushfire seasons. Victoria’s latest Climate Science Report predicts that the annual number of high fire danger days in Victoria will increase by over 60% by the 2050s. These climate-fueled bushfires threaten Victorian lives, health, industry, First Nations cultural heritage and biodiversity on an unprecedented scale.  Victoria  needs a volunteer Remote Area Firefighting Team.  Read more & sign the pledge.

Australian Firefighters Climate Alliance launches forum for LGBTQIA+
The Australian Firefighters Climate Alliance are holding a pre-summer zoom forum for members of the fire community that identify as LGBTQIA+ and allies.  RSVP here.

FoE welcomes SEC announcement

But needs to be matched with plan to shut down gas distribution.  Friends of the Earth welcomes the announcement by the Victorian Premier this morning of a significant investment in boosting Victoria’s uptake of renewables and progress on reviving the SEC.  The announcement includes funding for apprenticeships feeding into secure jobs in renewables through the rebooted SEC and the commitment to create a one-stop-shop for energy users across the heaviest gas using state in Australia.  Read more.

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