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Friends of the Earth Melb news May 2024

In May news, cheers to volunteers, submissions to Climate Resilience Inquiry, join the Frontline Climate Alliance, No to radioactive waste, and Yes to renewables, register art works for our Nuke-free auction, 2024 state budget and offshore wind responses, Chain Reaction magazine, poster-newsletter, plus more!

FoE Melb activists

Cheers to all of our wonderful volunteers! (Volunteers week 20-26 May).  It is amazing how many volunteers have made FoE what it is today.  Thousands of volunteers have engaged with the The Food Co-op bulk & cafe space over the years, giving their time and skills to create a vibrant active community.  Volunteers are the essential ingredient for FoE to thrive. We have volunteer opportunities across FoE, so find out if you are a Kangaroo, Wombat, Eagle or a Dolphin, and register your interest to volunteer here.

Explore the new edition of Friends of the Earth Melb poster-newsletter Community & Climate Impacts pdf here.

Also, read our national Chain Reaction Magazine Forest Win issue pdf here.

Please support our vital campaign work by making a tax-deductible donation here

Victoria says No to nuclear, Yes to renewables petition

Vic says no to nuclear-yes to renewables

Peter Dutton's Liberal-National party wants to bring nuclear power to Victoria and has proposed building a nuclear power station in the Latrobe Valley in Gippsland, and in Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road.  Nuclear power is not a viable form of energy: nuclear is the most expensive form of energy, would take much too long to build, and presents massive risks to communities.  It's a slap in the face to regional communities this is being proposed without any consideration of the community's concerns and aspirations, and is clearly being used as a delay tactic to halt renewable energy.  Community members are getting organised and saying no to nuclear, we want renewable energy!  As Australia gets closer to an election this is a crucial moment to raise our voices. Sign the petition and support the campaign!

Nuke-free art auction call for art works

Our Nuke-Free Art Auction is coming up late-August, register art works by 14 July here.

No to AUKUS international radioactive waste petition

FoE Melb No to AUKUS radioactive sub waste

Nuclear waste lasts a lot longer than any politicians promise. We don’t need assurances about the governments ‘intentions’ we need national legislation that shuts the door to foreign military waste import and disposal.  Despite over six decades of experience and expense neither the US or the UK have achieved long-term management or disposal of their naval nuclear wastes. Australia should never present as a soft target for a very hard technical issue.  Radioactive waste management in Australia has long been an area of deep division and contest. We need to learn from this experience, not seek to bypass it under the grounds on national security. We reject many parts of this bill, but there is extra great urgency in the need to close this International waste loophole.  Read more, call your representative & sign the petition here.

Make a quick submission to the Inquiry into Climate Resilience extended to 28 June

Make your submission for the Inquiry into Climate Resilience now with this easy template.  Have your say to ensure VIC's climate adaptation is community led with our easy steps in five minutes.  This is your opportunity to highlight the disaster preparation needs for communities most at risk and demand local community-led solutions.  Read more & make a submission.

Act on Climate submission making party (online and in-person) 28 May

Act on climate submission making party

We're hosting a party to support each other in making submissions which will impact the inquiry. We'll be setting up a space for you to make audio, video, or written submissions, with suggestions, prompts, and collective help.  Your contribution can be simple or creative, but doing activities together, with food and ideas flowing is often better no matter what kind of approach you'd like to take.  The event will include information about the inquiry process, activity stations and creation booths, examples of submissions, guides, and in person help.  Read more & RSVP.

Next Frontline Climate Alliance meeting online with Dindi Transition 27 May

FoE Melb Frontline Climate alliance community

Join our next Frontline Climate Alliance Vic online meeting featuring community action group Dindi Transition on 27 May. 
Read more & RSVP.

Our response to the state budget

As expected, this was a state budget focused strongly on cost of living pressures, with emphasis on assisting families, and continued investment in public infrastructure including training, education and health.  As such, expectations in the realm of environment and energy had been very modest, and as expected there were no major new projects announced in this budget. The energy measures outlined in the budget are generally a ‘business as usual’ continuation of existing positive policy and previous commitments. We welcome the commitment to review the Victorian Energy Upgrades program and support VicGrid’s transmission planning reforms. Progress on the development of onshore and offshore renewable energy will continue, with funding to assist in mitigating the biodiversity impacts of these projects.  It is, however, deeply concerning to see the wind up of the Latrobe Valley Authority, which has played an important role in facilitating the process after the closure of the Hazelwood power station.  Read more.

FoE’s response to the recent offshore wind announcement

Federal Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen has announced a major step forward for offshore wind in Australia, granting feasibility licences for six projects in Victoria’s Gippsland region.  This includes a feasibility licence for Star of the South, a visionary offshore wind project that has been proposed for several years, capturing the imagination of people in Gippsland as the region’s coal fired power stations begin to close.  Environmental justice group Friends of the Earth welcomes the announcement, saying offshore wind will make a major contribution to action on climate change while creating thousands of jobs.  With Australia’s ageing coal fired power stations closing over the next decade, there is a critical role for offshore wind as a new form of reliable energy generation.  Read more.


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