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Make a submission for the Inquiry into Climate Resilience

The Victorian government is running an Inquiry into Climate Resilience, which will look into the preparedness of communities facing climate disasters across the state. 

This is an opportunity for you to share your experiences, stories, concerns and ideas for climate adaptation.

Do you think Victoria is prepared for incoming climate impacts? What do you think the state needs to do to prepare?

Have your say on the climate impacts that concern you most and the risks your community are facing. You can also let the Government know how you want it to help your community prepare for climate impacts to protect people and country.

You don’t need to be an expert to put in a submission. The most important thing is to speak to your experience, your concerns and your assessment of what your community needs. You can submit in text, audio or video format, on behalf of an organisation or as an individual.

The Inquiry will focus on the effects of climate impacts on Victoria's 'built environment'. This includes:  

  • physical structures and assets, such as homes, other buildings, and infrastructure Schools, hospitals, workplaces
  • built and natural assets, such as cultural heritage places, public parks, and sports fields, beaches, walking trails, mountains, snow
  • how people interact with them via different activities and services.


If you'd like to record an audio or video submission instead, email it to: [email protected]