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No to AUKUS international waste

The Australian Naval Nuclear Power Safety Bill 2023, currently before parliament, would give the Minister of Defense and the Department of Defense the power to override federal and state laws and to bypass public consultation to name any sites that could be involved in the construction and operation of nuclear submarines or the disposal of submarine nuclear waste. The legislation is deeply flawed, but a particular concern is that it would permit Australia hosting high-level UK and US naval nuclear waste, including waste from six decades of their nuclear submarine programs.

The senate inquiry into this bill is expected to present its recommendations on May 13 and is likely to be supportive of the plan. The bill has bipartisan support. We need to make sure this legislation does not get pushed through under the cover of the Budget week.

Contact your Labor & independent representative now to ask them to stop this bill from going though. Either by sending an email through the form on the right on by contacting them by phone.

Nuclear waste lasts a lot longer than any politicians promise. We don’t need assurances about the governments ‘intentions’ we need national legislation that shuts the door to foreign military waste import and disposal.

Despite over six decades of experience and expense neither the US or the UK have achieved long-term management or disposal of their naval nuclear wastes. Australia should never present as a soft target for a very hard technical issue.

Radioactive waste management in Australia has long been an area of deep division and contest. We need to learn from this experience, not seek to bypass it under the grounds on national security. We reject many parts of this bill, but there is extra great urgency in the need to close this International waste loophole.

This draft legislation should concern all Australians, particularly First Nations peoples. It is deeply deficient and risks cementing us as a nuclear dumping ground.

Call on your representative now!

Tips: Make your own subject line and add edit the email a bit if possible to make it more personal.