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Friends of the Earth Melb news June 2024

In June news, please donate to our EOFY fundraiser, KOALAS movie and SKAT update, Djandak Wi ('Country fire') cultural burning strategy, call for remote area volunteer firefighting, Vic rental energy reform submissions, new Otway coast gas response, climate actions, nuke-free artworks register, plus more!

Can you support our end of Financial Year fundraiser, and help us raise $75,000?

FoE Melb fundraiser 2024

At Friends of the Earth Melbourne, we get to the root of the social and environmental crises of our times.

Radical Resistance: We support grassroots movements to push back against extractive and destructive industries like seismic blasting, gas exploration and uranium mining.

Radical Resilience: We work with communities already experiencing climate change impacts to understand who will be most impacted, what we need to do to adapt and how solutions can be envisioned and realised.

Radical Repair: We are reimagining our relationships with forested landscapes, and transforming our energy systems to put social and environmental justice at the heart of these huge economic transitions.

Please donate to support our work here! (Donations over $2 are tax deductible.)

THE KOALAS: MEET THE FILMMAKERS Tuesday 18 June, 6.45pm at Cinema Nova

The Koalas film posterJoin directors Georgia Wallace-Crabbe and Gregory Miller, plus Anthony Amis (Friends of the Earth) for a screening of THE KOALAS followed by a live in-cinema Q&A.  THE KOALAS reveals the unique characteristics of koalas, their bond with their young, and the wildlife carers that they come into contact with.  Trailer & Cinema Nova tix here.

To find screenings and tix for THE KOALAS across Melbourne and Victoria check here

Read our latest SKAT collective koala update here.

FoE nuke-free art auction 2024

FoE Melbourne's Nuclear Free collective are hosting their famous Art Auction in August.  The theme is 'Make Art Not War', and we also welcome art works outside of the theme. Please register your donated artwork here. 

Launch of the Djandak Wi ('Country fire') cultural burning strategy

FoE Melb Djandak Wi launch bush camp & supporters

The Dja Dja Wurrung (Djaara) are recognised as the traditional owners of a large section of central Victoria. In recent years Djaara and its enterprise DJANDAK have been re-introducing Djandak Wi (‘Country Fire’ in language) to the land since 2017. They are widely recognised as leaders in fire management among First Nations groups, and the launch of their Djandak Wi Strategy further cements this reputation.

The strategy was launched at Gutjin Bulok (Tang Tang Swamp), near Dingee, which is north of Bendigo on May 22 2024. More than 100 people attended the launch, which featured a smoking ceremony, dances which explained some of the cultural dimensions of fire, a Q&A with cultural fire practioners, and a demonstration of cultural burning. FoE was in attendance and the following is a brief report on the strategy and vision behind it.  Read more.

Why won’t the Victorian government fund remote area firefighters?

FoE Melb Vic needs remote firefighters

As we grapple with the impacts of climate change, we will need to continue to expand how we respond to disasters such as fires, floods, storms and heatwaves. We need to increase state-wide ability to respond to individual events and also support local communities to develop their own plans and build their own resilience. When it comes to firefighting we need to continue to build our capacity to respond effectively to fires while they are small, and before they become large, uncontrollable blazes.

Among a range of policy suggestions, one of the proposals that Friends of the Earth (FoE) has been promoting since the Black Summer fires is for Victoria to establish a volunteer remote area firefighting team within the CFA, often called RAFTs or Remote Area Firefighting Teams.  Read more & register your interest.

Proposed rental energy reform welcome in Victoria and make a submission

Friends of the Earth Melbourne encourages everyone - particularly renters in Victoria - to write a submission for the draft Regulatory Impact Statement on Minimum Standards for Rental Properties and Rooming Houses. Submissions are due by 1 July 2024.

The No More Gas campaign at Friends of the Earth Melbourne has welcomed the options under consideration by the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action announced today to improve Minimum Standards for Rental Properties and Rooming Houses. The Victorian Government has opened up a regulatory impact statement for public consultation, with submissions closing 1 July 2024. 

Currently in Victoria rental properties need only comply with a minimum two star energy rating. “That’s basically a glorified tent, in terms of insulation,” said No More Gas campaigner Freja Leonard. Victorian rentals currently don’t need to offer air conditioning, which is more efficient and cost effective than gas heating in most cases.  Read more & make a submission.

Media release: Beach Energy production approval a disaster for climate and marine ecosystems

Friends of the Earth Melbourne has today slammed the Victorian Government decision to approve Beach Energy's production of gas from near the Twelve Apostles off the Otway coast.

Touted as necessary to avoid gas shortfalls by 2028, the project is expected to produce ten petajoules of climate polluting fossil gas each year for fifteen years.  Read more.

Frontline Climate Alliance Vic meeting with Women’s Health Goulburn North East via zoom 20 June

FoE Melb Frontline Climate Alliance activists

At this meeting, we will be hearing from Amanda Kelly of Women’s Health Goulburn North East on its Care Through Disaster report, which it has released in partnership with Australia Remade. The report explores how we can better set ourselves up to care and be cared for well, especially during times of deep disruption. It asks, "when business-as-usual falls away, what works and what doesn’t? What needs to already be in place so people can continue to get by, recover and thrive?"  Read more & join the zoom meeting.

Online Climate resilience inquiry submission making party 18 June

The Inquiry into Climate Resilience is an opportunity for the community to share  experiences, stories, concerns, and ideas for climate adaptation.  Do you think Victoria is prepared for incoming climate impacts? What do you think the state needs to do to prepare? Have your say to ensure VIC's climate adaptation is community led.  

We're hosting an online submission making party to support each other in making submissions which will impact the inquiry. We'll be holding space for you to make a submission, sharing suggestions and prompts, and providing collective help.  Your contribution can be simple or creative, but doing activities together with ideas flowing is often better, no matter what kind of approach you'd like to take.  The online event will include information about the inquiry process, examples of submissions, guides, and personal help. 
Read more & RSVP.

Alternatively, you can make a quick submission to the Victorian Climate Resilience Inquiry here.

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