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Denis Napthine’s energy plan. More coal, less renewables

No_new_coal.jpgIn mid October, the Victorian Coalition government quietly released it's Energy Plan. There has been no environment policy released as such, which means we have to judge the government's intention on the documents that are in the public realm, and correspondence received from the Minister for the Environment and Climate Change.

The Energy Plan talks up renewable energy, yet there is very little incentive or direction on either renewables or energy efficiency. And it has raised the prospect of a coal export industry.

The Coalition government has released its Energy Plan. Our initial response is available here.

  • The government says it will maintain the current moratorium on fracking for unconventional gas and new exploration licenses ‘at least until July 2015’. It refuses to rule out the development of an onshore unconventional gas industry
  • The energy vision document says the government will promote new uses for brown coal – including looking at the possible development of an export industry
  • It does not support a Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET)
  • It will retain its current anti-wind planning laws
  • It has made no specific commitments to increase funding for renewables
  • It sees no role for the state government in reducing greenhouse gas emissions


If you don’t think this is good enough,


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