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Libs ideological attack on affordable renewable energy will lead to power price rises

884wind-turbine11.jpgEnvironment group Friends of the Earth reject Matthew Guy Opposition's threat to cut the Victorian Renewable Energy Target, saying the Liberals ideological attack on affordable renewable energy will lead to power price rises.

“Matthew Guy's ideological opposition to the Victorian Renewable Energy Target is a threat to jobs, investment and affordable renewable energy,” said Pat Simons, Friends of the Earth's renewable energy spokesperson.

“The move puts ideology ahead of commonsense, risking thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars in investment in wind and solar for Victoria.”

“This ideological attack on affordable renewable energy threatens power price rises.  Wind and solar are the most economical forms of new generation. If Matthew Guy wants the Victorian Liberals to be the party for higher power prices, it will be highly unpopular with the community” added Simons.

While the Turnbull government struggles to come up with a national plan on climate and energy, the Andrews Government is leading with Victorian Renewable Energy Targets of 20% by 2020 and 40% by 2025. This will create up to 10,000 jobs and attract $2.5 billion in investment across the state.

“How can Shadow Minister for Renewables David Southwick continue to hold his title while opposing investment in wind and solar? All parties should be capable of supporting renewable energy” added Simons.

“Polling confirms a majority of Coalition voters support renewable energy. The VRET is a significant element of Victoria's response to climate change. By threatening to cut the VRET without offering a credible plan of their own, the Coalition is sending a clear message it opposes action on climate change. This will not be received well by Victorians, including Coalition voters. It is reckless and irresponsible for a major party to ignore climate change.


Pat Simons
0415 789 961  |  (03) 9419 8700

Yes 2 Renewables Community Coordinator

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