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Act on Climate Update - June 2023

Here is the Act on Climate crew's update on what we're up to, what's coming up, and ways you can get involved!

We're excited to announce that our collective is planning on visiting climate affected frontline communities with an Act on Climate roadtrip this July.

Climate impacts are already being experienced by communities across Victoria and we want to support people in their calls for solutions.

RSVP for an upcoming collective meeting or our Organising Training Series with Friends of the Earth's Sustainable Cities collective if you're keen to be a part of our new campaign or learn some organising skills - no experience required, just passion for climate justice.



Over the next six months we want to connect with more communities facing worsening climate impacts, in an effort to build resilience locally and solidarity across the movement. 

What are your observations and concerns?

Would you be interested in Act on Climate visiting your area as part of our July road trip? Are there local grassroots groups working on climate impacts in your community we can amplify or support? We want to hear about your experience, and come see what's happening.

Tell us your story through our Climate Impacts Survey

Feel free to email or call us about the details below to further discuss possibilities.


Our capacity building work in the collective has kicked off with a powerful start

Volunteers new and pre-existing from across Friends of the Earth have joined our fortnightly organising workshops, generating more skills and ideas for winning campaigns.

We're looking forward to the third of seven workshops happening at FoE HQ and online next Tuesday June 6 - Workshop #3: Building our base and collective capacity

We’ll investigate how people are currently engaging with our collectives, discuss the role of leadership in movement building and what we can do to strengthen, expand and enhance our collectives. RSVP here.

The Organising training series is for anyone interested in building their activist skill.

Sign up here for the Organising Training Series

Remember, you're always welcome to join Act on Climate's weekly meetings. Our organising and action meetings will take place on the alternative fortnight to the Organising Training Workshops.

All weeks include dinner. Register here for an upcoming Tuesday. 

Help get Act on Climate on the road to visit climate impacted frontline communities with a donation.

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